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2016 Rio Olympic Games



Just a few weeks ago I found myself standing at the in-gate in my brand-new, never-been-worn, impossibly white pants, trying not to get slobbered on by a pony.

As I evaded his prehensile lips, it washed over me again that minutes earlier I’d just ridden in my first mini-prix. (Woohoo!) I had hopped off Fiona and then hustled over to the short-stirrup ring to coach Boots (our cookie-crazed, mouthy pony) and his child.

Well, it's over. The last Australian horses, Valinski and Fedor, left on Sunday afternoon, after I had to say goodbye. Saturday and Sunday morning were spent washing stable laundry, collecting and turning in Aussie federation equipment and packing trunks.

But then, I was gone, away from the horse I have spent three intense weeks with. 

And it was intense. Not in a bad way at all, but in a constantly focused way. I hate making mistakes, and at this level, mistakes rarely happen. I made a few, was mortified, but corrected them quickly and learned and moved on.

COTH blogger and Olympic commentator Steven Wilde relays his emotions at seeing Nick Skelton take the title. "I've always tried to maintain a little professionalism along the way but when I called home the gold in Rio I don't mind telling that there were tears running down my face," he wrote.
Nick Skelton’s Fédération Equestre Internationale record spans back more than four decades, and he’s ridden on winning teams for Great Britain on multiple occasions, but he’s never won an individual medal at the Olympic Games—until now.


Team USA’s Kent Farrington laid down a clear round over the individual final Round A to tie with a dozen other riders for the lead heading into round B of the final.
Chronicle reporters will be doing a round-by-round live blog reporting in real-time what happens with each rider as they battle it out for individual medals.
A breakdown of the format, when the U.S. riders go, how the medals are decided, where to watch, where it find results, and more!
The French rebounded from a disastrous start to the week to win team show jumping gold at the Rio de Janeiro Olympic Games.
The U.S. show jumping team didn’t just win team silver behind Team France at the Rio de Janeiro Olympic Games, they did it one rider down.



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