Donuts, Dolls And A Monkey: Our Best Of Behind The Stall Door In 2015

Dec 28, 2015 - 9:00 AM

A new series on this year and an instantly popular one, the Behind The Stall Door articles take you up close and personal with great candid photos and personal details of some of the sport’s biggest stars.

What top show jumper loves donuts? What pony lives on a “prison diet”? What’s it like to live like a Budweiser Clydesdale? In 2015, we found out all of these things and more!

#1  Hello Sanctos

He’s the world’s No. 1 show jumper, but back at the barn he’s a pretty simple character. And Scott Brash’s “treat a horse like a horse” barn management seems to suit him perfectly.

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#2  Veronica

She’s a four-star veteran and she takes her status as a mare seriously, snarly faces and all. There’s a reason she’s nicknamed Pirhanica, but she’s dearly loved. And she travels with a doll baby.

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#3  The Budweiser Clydesdales

They might not compete in any sport the Chronicle covers, but they’re for sure the most famous and recognizable horses in the world. We took an unprecedented look into their lives when they’re not performing (and met their dog!).

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#4  Bionetty

“Easy-going but snazzy in the ring,” is how owner/rider Kaley Cuoco describes this jumper mare, who is a bit of a diva.

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#5  Cedric

He’s tiny. He’s mighty. He’s called “Monkey,” and he’s a total character. Did you know Cedric bows?

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#6  Rothchild

Maybe McLain Ward’s individual Pan American show jumping medalist should be sponsored by Dunkin Donuts?

We found out all about the opinionated, game little horse as only those who take care of him know him.

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#7  El Nino

He’s been teaching children the ropes in the pony ring for more than 15 years and has his own Facebook page. He’s El Nino, the spotted pony wonder and he’s definitely got a personality!

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#8  Mindful

One of the top hunter derby stars has his own pony. Seriously, you have to get to know Mindful a little bit better!

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#9  Brunello

He’s not a good neighbor. But he’s an excellent show hunter! “Ike” has an excellent grumpy face but a heart of gold.

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#10  Flexible At The World Cup Final

He’s amazing—he’s tiny, a teenager, has come back from multiple injuries and is still jumping in grand prix classes. He’s Flexi and he loves the sun. And carrots.

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