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Thanksgiving has been and gone, and Christmas is nearly less than a week away. The two new boys have unfortunately been held in quarantine due to other horses on the flight not passing some blood work. I hope they get released at the end of this week, as I’m sure they will be pleased to get some turn out and personal attention.

Phillip took a couple of days off to go to the convention, and now we are back in full swing getting horses into work before we head to Aiken. I can't believe we will be competing for the first time of 2011 in less than two months.

It is already nearing Thanksgiving, but it is only now I can say we are officially done competing for 2010 at TPF.  Jennie and Kelley returned from California with well deserved smiles on their faces. Ping is now turned out at his owner's farm 10 minutes down the road from True Prospect. 

The past week has been a slow one. With all the advanced horses on vacation, this is my chance to work on clipping and trimming up the younger horses in the barn. I am not sure that the yearlings appreciate my attempts at making them look tidier!

Wednesday was an unusual day in the barn. Cosequin representatives and a camera crew were at the barn to shoot a commercial. Phillip had to cross-country school a horse and then do an interview in the barn aisle. A couple of our working students got in on the action having various video shots taken of them.

I am afraid I have some unfortunate news to report. Milo has been withdrawn from Pau due to injury. We have been fortunate enough to catch it early and with TLC and time he will hopefully make a great recovery to come back next year fighting fit.

We are now taking some young horses to the Virgina Horse Trials, and this will finish the season for Phillip and me. Jennie is heading off to Galway Downs with her fantastic horse, Cambalda, on Nov. 1.


I guess Fair Hill wouldn't be the same if we didn't get one really wet day. When the rain started coming down on Thursday, groans could be heard all around the barn. Not again! Glad to say it did dry up, and the ground on Saturday for cross-country could not have been any better.

It’s been a week since returning from WEG. I’m thankful to say that Charlie, my four-legged friend, was very happy to have Mom home. It is always nice to be greeted by a wagging tail and sloppy kisses!

Boyd, Andrea, Kathleen and I are all squashed into the truck driving home. The mood has now lifted a bit, but the feeling of disappointment will stay with us for a while. Saturday night we thought we could come home with a medal, and 24 hours later we were left with nothing.

Sunday morning was an early one to ensure the horses were sound and happy for the jog. Comet had to be withdrawn when he went into the hold box. He will live to fight another day, but my heart goes out to Becky and crew who were so close to gaining a medal.


What a day! Emotional rollercoaster is the phrase I would use! I am currently sitting with Woodburn who is hooked up to IV fluids whilst standing in ice and then getting acupuncture. That may sound like a lot to some, but these horses are used to the attention. Woodburn nods off to sleep whilst his needles are in.

Although the weather was perfect for running, we still do fluids to ensure that these horses are feeling their best for the next jumping phase.

It is Friday night, and I am sitting at the barn alone contemplating the last two days. 

I would be lying if I said I wasn't disappointed in Woodburn's test today. Phillip is a very competitive person, so he is very hard on himself when things don't quite go as planned. Woodburn warmed up beautifully, and I thought we might be able to pull off  our own best score. 



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