Sunday, May. 26, 2024


Emma Ford

Since the middle of March it’s been organized chaos at TPF. With 16 horses from the farm competing at Southern Pines

So I know I’ve been very slack on the writing front. Life has been moving pretty fast for the TPF gang in Aiken


Thanksgiving has been and gone, and Christmas is nearly less than a week away. The two new boys have unfortunately been held in quarantine due to

It is already nearing Thanksgiving, but it is only now I can say we are officially done competing for 2010 at TPF.  Jennie

The past week has been a slow one. With all the advanced horses on vacation, this is my chance to work on clipping and trimming up the

I am afraid I have some unfortunate news to report. Milo has been withdrawn from Pau due to injury. We have been fortunate enough to

I guess Fair Hill wouldn't be the same if we didn't get one really wet day. When the rain started coming down on Thursday, groans

It’s been a week since returning from WEG. I’m thankful to say that Charlie, my four-legged friend, was very happy to have Mom home. It

Boyd, Andrea, Kathleen and I are all squashed into the truck driving home. The mood has now lifted a bit, but the feeling of disappointment


What a day! Emotional rollercoaster is the phrase I would use! I am currently sitting with Woodburn who is hooked up to IV fluids whilst

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