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Joshua A. Walker

Michael Tokaruk is really making a name for himself on the grand prix circuit these days, particularly with his 13-year-old Holsteiner Lord Byron. They proved
They built a legacy and shattered pre-conceived notions about the intelligence and capabilities of horses and the horse/human bond. Today, Harris continues to give back


The junior rider takes a last-minute catch ride to the blue.

Winning the NorCal Junior Medal Finals
She's reaping the rewards of a lifetime of dedication.

Susan Schneider saw years of planning and focused training come together on the weekend of

She attends the ATC and helps her Area VI teams to two blues in California.

Sue Church

Kim Severson perfects her ride on the mare to win the CIC*** in Georgia.

A storm has been brewing in Tsunami for
The Canadian claims victory with the only first-round clear.

Chris Pratt had a long wait after taking the first trip in the $50,000 CSI-W

Sage Flynn tackles Del Mar’s expansive grass grand prix ring and posts the winning scores.

Sage Flynn

Developing a winning freestyle performance is much more than simply matching music to your horse.

For many

Two members from last year’s Eastern ATC novice team step up to the plate to win at training