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Your Funniest Horse Show Moments



We’ve all been there. Sometimes it’s an embarrassing story that isn’t funny until years later, and sometimes things just go wrong in a hilarious way. We asked our Readers’ Choice survey participants to share their humorous tales from the horse show world, and these are some of our favorite responses. (Want to see the rest of the responses in our annual Readers’ Choice issue? Just click here; we’re making this issue available to subscribers and non-subscribers alike.)

• Realizing my stretch breeches were on backwards before going into the start box.

• I lost a tooth during a pony model and used it to get my pony’s head down.

• My horse leaped up and struck out as we approached C, and the judge and scribe left their table.

• My horse sneezed at me so badly in the line-up that the judge excused me to get a towel.

• My husband’s horse refused a hay bale jump during Hunt Night. He fell off over the horse’s head and pulled the bridle off. The horse began to eat the hay bales. My husband held up the bridle to the audience and bowed.

Hey, stuff happens, and it happens to the best of us. Mollie Bailey Photo

• First halt at C, a pigeon flew down right under my mare’s front feet, then just as quick, a cat ran over from the bleach- ers, caught it, and ran on. My mare didn’t blink, [and we] went on to place in the class. The judge loved her. Me too.

• Arriving on Sunday for a Saturday show.


• Buying a $15 margarita from a food truck at Old Salem Farm, then getting heat stroke and vomiting before even taking a sip.

• I had a 2-year-old baby horse handed to me to show in the Best Young Horse class. The gal said, “Be careful; he likes the grass.” We were showing on grass. So I didn’t let him eat. I turned him in a circle, and as I stepped forward I heard a gasp, and he folded like a collapsible chair, right into the grass. And to make it even more hilarious, he preceded to just lie there like he needed a nap! I could not stop laughing.

• I fell off in the warm-up of a jumper classic and split my pants, right up the backside. I got back on and went in the ring with my drawers showing over every jump!

• My friend tried to tie her small pony to a folding chair. Everyone survived.

• My horse knocking over the water cooler at the in-gate. (Sorry, everyone!)

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