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Racetrack Rejects, Maclay Commentary And SafeSport: The Most-Read Stories Of 2019



As reporters, we have the opportunity to see the highs and lows of the horse industry every year. Here are some of our most popular web stories from 2019. 

#10 From $400 Racetrack Reject To Hampton Classic Tricolor


When Kathryn Currey first saw A Lil Evil, she lovingly described her as a “little rat of a mare” in a dark stall on the backstretch. But with patience and love, Currey transformed the Thoroughbred mare into a superstar amateur jumper, winning at the Hampton Classic Horse Show (New York).

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#9 Groom Spotlight: Gemma Jelinska Loves Her Job, But Grooming Has Taken Its Toll 


Groom Gemma Jelinska has been an invaluable part of international eventer Liz Halliday-Sharp’s team since 2012, but health issues forced her to change the scale of her job and reflect on her career. 

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#8 An “Unadoptable” Mustang Became The USEF National Horse Of The Year


Cobra has earned world titles in western dressage, national titles in classical dressage through Prix St. Georges, immortalization as a Breyer model horse, and was the U.S. Equestrian Federation’s 2019 Horse of the Year, but he started out as an unwanted mustang at a Bureau of Land Management facility. 

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#7 2019 ASPCA Maclay Championship Commentary



Our expert reporters Laura Lemon and Kimberly Loushin kept track of the play-by-play during one of the most prestigious equitation finals in the country. 

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#6 Behind The Photo: Roanoke’s Goggles


Roanoke turned heads at the World Equestrian Center (Ohio) with his unique mask. 

“He’s a very talented jumper, but he seemed to be bothered by bright contrasts,” said owner and breeder Suellen Myers. “He would act as if something really scared him. It’s not his personality to be contrary, and it never happened if he was outside on an overcast day.”

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#5 Don’t Feed The Trolls


Managing editor Sara Lieser weighed in on the online culture of harsh criticism in horse sport.

“I can’t fix the internet or make people be nice to each other. But I can use my position as a member of the press to say, ‘We here in the horse world can do better than this.’ ”

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#4 Watch Why They Won: A 19-Year-Old Emerges Victorious At Hickstead



Who doesn’t love a little inspiration? At 19, Irish rider Michael Pender became the youngest winner in the 59-year history of the Hickstead Derby.

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#3 Shooting Takes Place At Barisone’s New Jersey Dressage Facility


Readers were riveted by the story of a landlord-tenant dispute gone awry that landed amateur dressage rider Lauren Kanarek in the hospital with bullet wounds to her torso and Grand Prix dressage rider Michael Barisone in jail.

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#2 Side Effects May Include: Sudden Death


Senior staff reporter Mollie Bailey investigated horse deaths related to the administration of medroxyprogesterone and asked big questions about the use of the drug in competition horses.  

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#1 U.S. Center For SafeSport Adds George Morris To Suspension List


Our most-read articles of 2019 followed the suspension, trial and reaction to the U.S. Center for SafeSport permanently banning George Morris. Read our online coverage and be sure to check out the Jan. 27 Yearbook issue of the Chronicle for more on this topic.

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