Wednesday, Jul. 24, 2024

Equestrian Aid Foundation Processes 160 COVID-19 Relief Grants



The Equestrian Aid Foundation has distributed 160 relief checks to equestrians in financial crisis as a direct result of the COVID-19 pandemic as of April 16. The initiative to support equestrian professionals and industry service providers has been funded through EAF’s Disaster Relief Fund. 

“The essential shutdown of our industry has really thrown the community into crisis,” said EAF board member Scot Evans. “Many of the people we work among week in and week out have been left with no means of financial security and no way forward. It’s been devastating.”

Applications for emergency grants have come from all corners of the equestrian community, from jump crew to stewards to instructors whose lesson income has all but disappeared. Thanks to community support, private donations, and the Great Charity Challenge, the Equestrian Aid Foundation has been able to fund emergency grant payments of $500 to assist qualified applicants with basic living expenses. The Foundation is also financially supported by a growing number of businesses.


“When we conceptualized our Disaster Relief Fund several years ago, we never imagined we’d be helping our community through a pandemic,” said EAF board member Louise Riggio. “But this fund is designed to help people overcome the unimaginable. We’re making great strides to help alleviate the financial impact of COVID-19, and as long as we have community support, we’ll continue to face it head-on. We are horsemen helping horsemen.”

You can visit the Equestrian Aid Foundation’s website for updates on grant availability and businesses supporting EAF’s COVID-19 relief effort. Click here to donate to EAF’s Disaster Relief Fund.




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