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All Horses Pass Dressage Horse Inspection At Pan American Games



Lima, Peru—July 26

All 43 horses passed the first dressage horse inspection at the Pan American Games, including all three U.S. entries: Sarah Lockman and First Apple, Nora Batchelder and Faro SQF and Jennifer Baumert and Handsome.

Find out why Team USA is only a three-horse team.

Tomorrow the riders will have ring familiarization, and competition kicks off on Sunday, July 28.


Check out photos from today’s jog.

WEB First Apple Sarah Lockman MHT_0624

Sarah Lockman’s First Apple sported a snazzy red, white and blue browband. Mollie Bailey Photos

WEB Nora Batchelder Faro SQF MHT_0293

Nora Batchelder and the U.S.-bred Faro SQF looked ready to go.

WEB Bernadette Pujals Curioso XXV MHT_9999

Mexico’s Bernadette Pujals will be showing Curioso XXV.

web Handsome MHT_0264

Handsome decided to explore the warm-up area on his own.

WEB Jen Baumert Handsome MHT_0338

But when it came time to jog Jennifer Baumert kept Handsome perfectly in check.

WEB Jill Irving Degas MHT_0066

The Canadian contingent, including Jill Irving and Degas 12, sported matching red Converse sneakers.

WEB Karen Atala D Esprit Joli MHT_0252

Karen Atala Zablah, jogging her mount D Esprit Joli, will stay on in Peru after dressage to watch her son, Pedro Jose Espinosa, compete in eventing.

WEB Lindsay Kellock Floratina MHT_0083

Canada’s Lindsay Kellock brought Floratina to Lima.

WEB Roberta Foster Chichic MHT_0280

The sole representative from Barbados, Roberta Foster, will be showing Chic Chic.

WEB Statesman Naima Moreira Laliberté MHT_0132

Naïma Moreira Laliberté was one of several riders opting for safety, donning a helmet while jogging Statesman.

WEB Tina Irwin Laurencio MHT_0025

Tina Irwin looked ready to go with Laurencio.

WEB Yvonne Losos de Muñiz Aquamarijn MHT_0467

Yvonne Losos de Muñiz brought Aquamarijn to Lima.

Get to know Aquamarijn here.

WEB Zar AG Ronald Mauricio Masis MHT_0585

Check out the braids on Ronald Mauricio Masis’s Zar AG.

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