Tuesday, Nov. 28, 2023

2015 Pessoa/USEF Medal Finals Commentary

Can't watch the live stream or missed someone you wanted to watch? We're here in Harrisburg, Pa., for the Pessoa/USEF Medal Finals and will be bringing you the action from inside the Farm Show Complex.


Kelli Cruciotti wins the 2015 Pessoa/USEF Medal Finals!


1. Kelli Cruciotti, Elizabeth, Colo., Trainers: Peter Wylde, Cindy Cruciotti, Ken and Emily Smith, Carleton Brooks, Don Stewart, Bibby Hill.
2. Hunter Holloway Topeka, Kan., Trainers: Don Stewart, Bibby Farmer Hill, Brandie Holloway
3. Mckayla Langmeier East Granby, Conn. Trainers; Missy Clark, Linda and Kenny Langmeier, John Brennan, Julie Welles, Rory Lenahan,
4. Victoria Colvin Loxahatchee, Fla., Trainers: Andre Dignelli, Patricia Griffith, Brady Mitchell
Lucy Deslauriers New York City: Trainers: Stacia Madden, Krista Freundlich, Heather Senia, Max Amaya, Mario Deslauriers.
6. Elizabeth van der Walde Ann Arbor, Mich. Trainer: Aaron Vale.
7. Maddy Darst, Lebanon, Ohio, Trainers: Stacia Madden, Krista Freundlich, Heather Senia, Katie Haley, Max Amaya
8. Summer Hill, San Diego, Calif., Trainers: Don Stewart, Bibby Farmer
9. Victoria Press, New York City, Trainers: Stacia Madden, Max Amaya, Kristia Fruedlich, Katie Haley.
10. Ailish Cunniffee, South Salem, Conn., Trainers: Frank and Bonnie Cunniffe, Missy Clark, John Brennan

Kelli Cruciotti’s horse Monterrey also earned the Best Equitation Horse trophy.

The Test

Elizabeth van der Walde’s  horse swapped off the counter lead. And it took her an extra try to get the counter-canter. She had no other problems in the test.

Mckayla Langmeier switched onto the counter lead part-way through the turn . She did two simple changes through walk before jumping 10. She finished nicely with no mistakes.

Lucy Deslauriers landed the counter lead but swapped off once before swapping back onto it. The split rail came up a bit snug. She went directly from canter down to walk.

Tori Colvin is in next. She angled the first oxer a bit and Patrick had the front rail down. She did a flying lead onto the counter canter. And a bit of a quiet ride to the brush. She did two flying changes to fence 10. She had nice pats for Patrick at the end.

Hunter Holloway started out slick, right on a strong canter. She swapped onto the counter lead halfway through, though it wasn’t the smoothest corner. She opted for a direct route from the oxer to the brush which wasn’t quite as smooth as she wanted. She chose the split rail closest to the wall and turned right back on it before coming back to walk. She showed off some very tough options, though parts weren’t quite as smooth as they could have been.

Kelli Cruciotti started on a good canter. She landed the counter lead and held it, the only one to do so. She nailed the next few jumps. She got a quiet distance to the split rail, which worked out well for her two simple changes she showed off. She kicked up into a good tallop to the last. She walked well before the corner. A strong ride.

Now we await the results!


Judges have called back six riders to test.

188 Elizabeth van der Walde

187 Mckayla Langmeier

205 Lucy Deslauriers

226 Tori Colvin

267 Hunter Holloway

74 Kelli Cruciotti

Horses are in the in-gate area 

The test is: Walk into the area. From the gate, canter directly to 1. Counter canter 9A. Canter 7. Canter 2 in the opposite direction. Canter 3, then demonstrate two simple or flying changes of lead. Canter 10. Hand gallop 4. Exit through the out-gate at a walk.

Round 2

Daisy Farish chose the left option for fence 2. She collected her mount a bit for 3 and rode the hogsback nicely. She found a quiet distance to the tall gate and elected the left side of 8. She picked up the pace to the last to finish with no mistakes and a strong round.

Elizabeth Adelson, Tulsa, Okla., is next. Bull Run’s Rubicon pulls the front rail at 1. She also elects the left side of the brush, and angles the split rail nicely to get the track she wants to the hogsback. She choose the outside option for 8. She kicks it up in the corner to hand gallop the last.

Emily Perez Pittsford, N.Y., is next. She angles the first jump to take a snug turn to the left side of the brush. She catches a going distance to the hogsback but rides it beautifully. She takes the near split rail, that seems to be the choice today, and again kicks it up to the last. It’s not quite as smooth as it could have been, but no mistakes.

Ailish Cunniffe Fences 1 and 2 come up nicely, and she takes her time from 3 to 4 to get just the track she wants. The riders all walked the turn from the hogsback to the coop which they have been riding well.  She finds a more efficient track to the split rail, and isn’t quite as bold to the last.

Giavanna Rinaldi circles big so her horse can take a look at the last airy oxer. She gets a good pace to the first and again stays left at the brush. Fence 3 comes up a bit quiet as does 4 and 5. Her horse swaps to 7, but it’s hard to see how unbalanced he was here. Her horse cross-canters a few strides at the end. Lots of pats at the out-gate.

Genevive Meyer keeps a bit more pace between 4 and 5, and again takes the same track between the split rails. She gets close to the tall gate and has to gallop to get up the broken line to the oxer. The in-and-out comes up quiet, but she finesses it.

Olivia Bloch’s mount hits fence 1, but isn’t othered. She’s not quite as smooth as she’d like from 4 to 5, the hogsback to the coop. The in-and-out comes up quiet, which works out well for her. She picks up the pace to the last, and that horse has down the back rail there.

Alexandra Worthington is next. Her horse spends plenty of time in the air over a few fences, and she really has to gallop in particular to get up the line from 6 to 7. She picks up the pace to the last to complete a nice round with no big mistakes.

Mary Elizabeth Cordia starts out on a strong canter. She nails the s turn through the middle of the ring from 3-4-5. She finds a forward distance to the in and out which works out well and finds the last jump nicely. Lots of kisses for her horse after the trip.

Maddy Darst gallops up to 1 and chooses the left side of fence 2. She rides the s-turn 3-4-5 nicely. She finds a longer spot to the gate, which again works out well. She picks up a gallop in the corner and really shows it off to the last. A solid go. She has lots of pats for her horse at the end.

Victoria Press slices he turn to 2 and nails the 3-4-5 s-curve. She finds the move up to the in-and-out, and picks up the pace to the last after she gets straight to the final oxer.

Virginia Ingram starts Comanche out on a strong canter. She took her time between 3 and 4, which worked out with a nice track 4-5. She got to 6 a bit deep and had to press on to get out over 7 in five strides. It’s not quite as polished as she hoped for, but she has no real problems.  

Tyler Petrie gets a bit long to 1, but smooths it out. She doesn’t get quite the track she wants from 4 to 5 and has the rail on the coop down. She gets long to 11, and finishes nicely over the last oxer.

Summer Hill had a beautiful controlled first few fences, and everything came up out of stride. She had to move up from 6 to 7, but did it very smoothly. The in to the in-and-out got a little tighter than she wanted, but not overly so, but he threw a shoe in the middle there. She really showed off her style in this round.

T.J. O’Mara kept it controlled the first few fences. He didn’t hae quite the track he wanted to 4, but the turn to 5 worked out fine. He showed off a great hand gallop to the last.

Mckayla Langmeier has a smooth first five fences, and six comes up right out of stride. At the split rail she turns in the air and he nearly looks like he’s ducking out as she’s jumping. Likewise over the last he ducked a bit right over top.

Elizabeth van der Walde doesn’t have the smoothest turn after two. Her horse has his tongue out of his mouth. Fence 6 came up a bit quiet, but it worked out well.  Overall very nice.

Ava Stearns has a rail at the first and her horse doesn’t get his eye on five and he stops there. These riders have been approaching it off a very slick turn. The rest of the course is very good, she finesses him around nicely and kicks it up a bit in the turn to the last.

Katherine Strauss looks confident on course. The fences come up well, though there’s a moment here or there that isn’t as smooth as it could be. This is nit picking though—overall it’s a lovely round, and she finishes with a bit more pace over the last.

Kendra Gierkink’s horse trips and she’s nearly unseated. She circles to gather herself, and doesn’t have her stirrups yet but keeps going to 2 so she’s not eliminated. She recovers well to finish nicely.

Ali Tritschler has a smooth track over the first half of the course, and gets a touch long to fence 6, and the out of the line, 7, is just a little snug. Her horse pulls the front rail of the final oxer on course. It’s a fluid forward ride.

Hunter Holloway starts on a real canter, and chooses the right side of the brush at fence 2. She chooses an inside turn at the split rail fences no one else has done yet and nails it. She’s a touch snug to a few fences, but finesses it well. To the last you can see her legging on her horse like she means it. Overall it’s very, very stylish.

Lucy Deslauriers elects the left side of the brush. And nails the s turn. She has a swap to the gate, but from here it’s hard to tell how unbalanced it was. She’s a touch long into the oxer-vertical in-and-out but it rides beautifully. She puts on her leg in the corner as she gets ready to go to the last to the last.

Tori Colvin  start off on a real gallop and find an efficient turn to 2. She rides the s turn as slick as she can, and chooses the outside path through the split rails. She nails 6 to 7. And finds an inside turn to the last oxer. A poised, stylish round, without a foot put wrong.


Kelli Cruciotti kicks up Monterray to a gallop before the start. She rides the left side of the brush. The diestances to 3 and four are a little wuite, but it works well for the big strided horse. He chooses the outside turn between the split rails. She kicks it up a gear to the last to finish well. A fantastic ride if perhaps a touch more conservative than Tori and Hunter in particular.  

Ring crew has sprang into action to clear fences 9b and 11 and a few flowers out of the ring, and we’re awaiting instructions for the test.

Round 2 Course

The course begins over a square oxer with brush groundline underneath but not in front heading away from the in gate into a corner. Fence is an option of brushes a few strides later out of that corner. Riders turn left into the corner to the split rail that was fence seven, headed toward the in-gate. Riders turn left to roll back to a hogsback toward the outgate. Riders turn right after the hogsback to fence 5, a coop. Riders must navigate between split rail fences to get to fence 6, the tall gate they jumped as fence 4 in the first round, only this time in the other direction. Riders ride a bending line to fence 7, the oxer that was 11c.  Then riders must jump a different set of options in the brush. Riders turn left right to an oxer-vertical two stride, then to fence 10, an option of split rails. Then riders turn right into the rail and finish over a square airy oxer with no ground lines.






271 Daisy Farish
173 Elizabeth Adelson
227 Emily Perez
163 Ailish Cunniffe
194 Giavanna Rinaldi
263 Genevive Meyer
46 Olivia Bloch
219 Alexandra Worthington
130 Mary Elizabeth Cordia
261 Maddy Darst
211 Victoria Press
264 Virginia Ingram
287 Tyler Petrie
45 Summer Hill
185 T.J. O’Mara
187 Mckayla Langmeier
188 Elizabeth van der Walde
251 Ava Stearns
148 Katherine Strauss
276 Kendra Gierkink
246 Ali Tritschler
267 Hunter Holloway
205 Lucy Deslauriers
226 Tori Colvin
74 Kelli Cruciotti



We’re here in Harrisburg, Pa., yet again for the Pessoa/USEF Medal Finals, where 287 of the country’s top junior riders aspire to win one of the most elusive equitation titles. 

We’ll try and post every 10 riders or so, with updates on how the course is riding, who has done well, who hasn’t, etc. Please don’t expect an account of every rider’s trip, but I’ll try to keep you up to date!! Scroll down to see the most recent posting. 

Disclaimer:  We’re providing this as a service to those who are interested, and we’re just recording our observations. We’re not judges, just reporters who have watched the Medal Finals in their entirety for the past 16 years. You may not agree with our notes, and that’s fine—we’re not putting them out there as the authoritative word, but as information for those interested. That said, read on!

We have the order of go, course and all the other essential information here.

First in the ring, pathfinder Martha Ingram rode a lovely course aboad the big strided Stallone VDL. Kathleen Fritz had a nice round with a snug distance to fence 5. Chloe N. Pacyna had a few deep distances at the start of the course, and her mount pulled a section of the split rail fence at 9. Celia Bresch had a nice trip with a swap but no major mistakes.  Matilda Schulman got pretty long into 6A and her horse had to stretch to get out of the oxer-oxer two-stride in-and-out.

Jordyn Rose Freedman rode a confident, lovely round on Finnick, and she looked very happy with her trip. Gia Vizzone had a lovely round and gave her horse a big pat on the way out. Lauren Rachuba didn’t have the most consistent pace at the start of her course but settled in and finished beautifully. Falvey Brennan had no major mistakes on course. Madison Mitchell’s horse got a bit stuck over 6A, but she pressed on to get out beautifully. She got a bit long to one fence but finished nicely.

Rachael Davis’ horse pulled the front rail of the Swedish then finished nicely with no other mistakes. Megan Hilton had a lovely smooth trip with big smiles and a hug for her horse outside the out gate. Ethan John had a few cross-canter steps on the way to 2, and didn’t have the smoothest ride across a few corners, but he finished nicely up the last line. Phoebe Backman, aboard Help Me, had to stretch to get through the oxer-oxer in-and-out, but had an otherwise very nice trip. Sophie Vigeland started out right on a good gallop. She got right up the oxer-oxer in and out. She didn’t get the distance she wanted to fence 10, but had big pats for her horse at the end.

Sophie Rueben cross cantered a stride or two, but had an otherwise solid round. Emily Simon did not show. Vivian Zetterstrom’s horse pulled a rail at fence 1, and had to work hard to get up the oxer-oxer in-and-out. Her lovely gray looked like he had plenty left at the end. Olivia Sbrocco, on Constatine, didn’t have the smoothest round, but had no major problems. Bailey Smith, who won her regional in the Northwest, is on her horse Papyrus, who also does double duty in the derbies and the junior hunters. She rode a confident round with no mistakes.

Olivia Lawton didn’t find the perfect track to every fence, but had no major mistakes and an obvious nice partnership with her lovely mount.  Carson Ruff had a nice trip with no mistakes. Jessica Stone started out a bit below the pace, and had a rail at fence 3. She got to 6A on the half-stride but got out of the in-and-out just fine. Miela Gross, riding Exquisite, is here from California. She found all the jumps very nicely and had a lovely round. Amanda Shaw had a stop to fence 3, but cleared on re-approach.

7:55 Rider 30

Lillian Kirbo rode a very precise track on her bigstrided horse, and had a lovely round. Jordyn Katz’ Dexter pulled a rail at fence 1. She didn’t get the distance she wanted to fence 5, but moved up nicely to get through 6AB nicely. Caitlin Heilferty didn’t have the day she wanted, with rails at 3, 5, 6a and 9. Hannah Woolley had a rail at 5, but recovered smoothly with no other major errors. Madison Day and the big-strided Compass rode a confident round with no big mistakes.

Luella Lopresti started on plenty of pace. She got in a bit tight to 7 and had that split rail down. Madison Newman did seven strides between 5 and 6a, where many are doing six, and had to push a bit to get out of the in-and-out. Brett Burlington had a nice trip with no big mistakes, though the pace was a bit inconsistent at times. Kera McCandless’  horse came off the track a bit right before and after 2, but was great everywhere else. Shannon Eckel, riding Quite Fun, had a few snug distances, and lost the lead before fence 7.

Randi Lachance had the first few fences come up a bit snug, but improved as the course went on to finish very smoothly. Sophie Lenihan had a solid, smooth round. Ellie Williams got to fence 1 a bit tight, but had no major mistakes on course. Claudia Tarrant had to push a bit to get through 6AB nicely, but had an otherwise nice trip. Summer Hill, San Diego, rode a stylish polished round with lots of applause. Big smiles at the end.  

Olivia Bloch has a lovely, uphill horse for the competition. She rode a smooth, strong round. Expect to hear her name on the callback list. Sara McCloskey had very nice trip with no mistakes. Kamryn Steel, Parker, Colo., was sure to get up the first line, selecting the inside option for 2. She didn’t have the smoothest turn back to 10, but an otherwise strong trip. Don’t miss our story on Raleigh Hiler. She’s on Winner HS today and had a few inconsistent distances but no big mistakes. Samantha Peck, from Wayland, Mass., didn’t have the round she wanted. She had a rail at 5, got in tight to 6A and broke on the way to 7.

RIDER 51 8:35

Katherine Bundy won this year’s ASPCA East Maclay Regional. She had a stylish trip and seamlessly adjusted her horse’s stride. Expect to see her back for the next round. Cooper Dean started out strong but had a rail at fence 5. Ashton Alexander, fourth here last year, won this year’s ASPCA Southeast Maclay Regional. She rode a forward track and all the jumps came up out of stride. Big pats through the out gate, and we’ll probably be hearing her number for the callback. Julia Liverton’s  mount didn’t want anything to do with fence 2, but after a little conversation he jumped it on re-approach. She put that out of her mind to ride the rest of the course well. Liana Cohen’s mount pulled a rail at 6A. She rode a very precise track and finished well.

Elizabeth Bailey rode seamlessly and all the fences came up out of stride. Samantha Cohen,  riding a very shiny horse named Trump, pulled a rail at fence 3 and had a few hard rubs, but rode an otherwise great round. Bethany Garrison tried to catch a flier and chipped to 6A and her mount Quintessential stopped at 6B. She just rejumped the B element, and as the in-and-out was labeled AB she was considered off course. Morgan Hoffman had a few inconsistent distances but no big problems. Katherine Sargent is on a lovely pink-nosed gray named Adriano. She got in tight to 6A and added a stride in the in-and-out.

After No. 60 in the order has gone (with one scratch) we have our first standby in numerical order:

9:04 a.m. First Standby in Numerical Order
6 Jordyn Rose Freedman
7 Gia Vizzone
9 Falvey Brennan
12 Megan Hilton
14 Phoebe Backman
16  Sophie Rueben
18 Vivian Zetterstrom
20 Bailey Smith
23 Colette Cacciatore
24 Grace Upshaw
29 Miela Gross
31 Lillian Kirbo
35 Madison Day
39 Kera McCandless
45 Summer Hill
46 Olivia Bloch
48 Kamryn Steele
51 Katherine Bundy
53 Ashton Alexander
57 Samantha Cohen

Rider 61 9:08a.m.

Kirsten Ostling had a nice trip with no major errors. Olivia Venezio caught a long distance to the first fence. Her horse pulled a rail at fence 3. Emmy Reynolds had several inconsistent distances but no major errors. Emma Kurtz is on equitation veteran VIP Z for this class. She had a rail at fence 3, the Swedish. She was beautifully smooth everywhere else. Brianna Mentle had a few turns that weren’t as smooth as she wanted, but no major problems.

Haley Mick’s horse stopped at fence 3, but cleared on re-approach, then had a rail at 6A. Madelyn Porter was a bit long to fence 1, then got on a bit more pace and finished well. Maria Hackney started very well. Her horse ticked a rail at 8 out of the cups. She lost him a bit in the turn back to 10, and didn’t get the distance to 11A that she wanted. Alexandra Pielet is on World Equestrian Games eventing veteran Trading Aces. She didn’t get the distance she wanted to 5, and he didn’t get his eye on fence 10 and she had to circle around and give it a second try. Mckenzie Maloney had a great track from 5-6AB. She didn’t get the distance she wanted from 10-11, but had no huge mistakes on course.

Emma Marlowe had a rail at the Swedish, which has been coming down quite a bit! Everywhere else she was polished and smooth. Abbigale Gerrish didn’t get 2 lined up and had to circle around to jump it nicely on the second try. She finished with no other big problems. Jaden Olson had a nice round with no big problems. Kelli Cruciotti  must be one of the favorites for this year. She won the ASPCA Midwest Regional this year, and was second at the ASPCA Maclay Finals in 2013, as well as a handful of other ribbons at last year. She rode a confident, forward 7 strides up the first broken line, and showed off great turns back to the snake jump to 5. Every turn was right on point and she rode a poised, stylish round—be ready to hear her number in the standby. Carter Anderson has a lovely flea-bitten grayn and they had a lovely, smooth trip.

Rider 75 9:37

Coco Fath, riding Chemie Anchar, chose the outside, skinny option for fence 2 and jumped it well. She looked very polished on course, and took her time getting the track to 10, which set her up for a great distance to 11ABC. A very strong trip. Grace Jackson got a nice forward pace from the beginning. A bit snug at a fence or two, but no real problems overall. Cayla Fisher’s horse ducked out right before fence 2, but Cayla kept her balance to recover and carry on. They were in synch the rest of the course with no more problems. Elizabeth Ekberg’s  horse threw in a buck after 8. She had an otherwise smooth round and gave him lots of pats on the way out. Grace Boston pulled a rail at 5, and had a tiny hesitation over fence 10. But otherwise a very nice trip.

Sydney Hutchins, who won last year’s Platinum Performance/USEF Talent Search—West Talent Search Medal Final is next. She started on a lick and kept the exact same pace throughout, quietly adjusting to accommodate the distances. She looked very poised and competent, and laid down a serious round. Look for her in Round 2. Hannah Patten marched right up the first line and stayed on the pace. She got to 11A on the half stride and had that one down. Rachel Rothenberg was having a great round, but forgot to roll around and jump 10  (which is the same as fence 9 in the same direction) and was scored off course. Morgan Ward, who just won big at Capital Challenge, looked like she’d been practicing the course all week, and found great lines to put in an error-free course. Taylor St Jacques had a very nice trip with no mistakes. She was smiling big at the end.

Brooke Deschamps had a stop at 6A but recovered on re-approach and had no more real problems on course. Nicole Liebowitz has a tall, lovely partner with a big step. She cross-cantered a few steps en route to 5. Her mount seemed just a touch behind her leg at time, but no huge problems. Madison Sellman, Honeoye Falls, N.Y., laid down a very good trip with lots of love for her horse at the end. Gabrielle Baker wasn’t quite straight to 3 and had that fence down behind. She finished nicely. Thea Chafee on Future Fiddler, started with plenty of pace. She had the front rail of fence 3 down, but an otherwise lovely round.  

No. 91 in the order

Carolina Crossfield rode a confident round, though a bit holding to 10. Carly Alder had a smooth, stylish round. Carlie Taurosa got in to 6A very quiet and opted to add a stride for safety. She was a bit below the pace all round. Grace Thiel got to fence 3 wrong and had that down. Her horse dug in his heels at fence 5, then cleared on the second attempt. She was excused at fence 9 after her horse opted out of that same split rail the other way. Paige Matthies is on the well-named Icarus. She laid down a smooth round with no mistakes, and looks very happy with her go.

Allie Donaldson didn’t have the go she wanted. She and Hemingway broke after 2. She didn’t get to 6A right and pulled out of the in-and-out, and after they reset 6A she got through in three strides. She chipped again to 9, but finished nicely through the last combination. Danielle Walawender got deep to 5 but stayed patient headed to 6AB which worked out well. Nice round overall. Lots of pats for her horse afterwards. Misty Redd went for 7 strides from fence 1 to 2 and it worked out lovely. A good turn to the Swedish meant it stayed in the jumps. She looked quite pleased leaving the ring. Kate Eagleton has a lovely uphill ride who is powerful off the ground. She had the top rail of the Swedish down. She had another rail at 8. Casey Schmitz is on a very shiny flea-bitten gray. They got pretty close to 4, then 5 didn’t come up right and they stopped there. They got on the pace for the second half of the course and finished well.

Allison Postier is on Callaway 217. The had 5 down, then got to 6A tight and put three in the two-stride there. The recovered nicely for the second half of the course. Katie Schell’s Cashmere cross cantered most of the way to fence 2. The distance to 7 didn’t come up and they stopped there. Alle Durkin is on the flashy Zazou. She turned back tight to 5, which worked out well. The finished well with no problems. Caroline Jones and Echosmith galloped right up to the first. The got quite tight to 10, but finished nicely through the final combination. Abigail Grace Kelley had a solid round with no mistakes.

Katherine Dash  did not show. Ransome Rombauer, who rescues miniature horses in her spare time, topped this year’s Platinum Performance USEF Talent Search Final—West. She put in a solid, polished round. Hayley Mairano, put in a solid round on Clifford with no real mistakes. Anabel Thurman is on Lego today. She had a good, solid round that smoothed out as she kept going. Lots of pats for Lego. Jamie Morris was sure to get on the pace to fence 1. She had a few turns that weren’t as smooth as she’d like, but overall a solid round.

No. 111 in the order
Mackenzie McGehee
and the flashy Renoir seemed in synch every step of the way. They finished with no mistakes. Gia Gulino from St. John, Ind., got a bit stuck in the air over 3, and a little quiet to 5. She finished with no major mistakes. Bailey Imbus’ Symphony pop chipped at 7 and got out of that three-stride in four. Lia Screnci had a few uneven distances but no major problems. She finished up the final combination very nicely. Patricia Garrett, from Victor, N.Y., had fence 8 down and a swap before 10, but an otherwise smooth trip.

Ellyn Fritz, Bridgeport, Conn., had a slick turn back to 10. Every fence came up out of stride and she finished with a big smile and lots of pats for her horse after she walked through the out-gate.  Samantha Valone had a lovely, flowing round. Sydnie Ziegler is here from Quakertown, Pa. she sliced the turn to 3 and her horse had that down. She added a stride in 6AB and cross-cantered on the way to 9. Catherine Stafford had a few uneven distance, but no major problems. Isabelle Song tacked up Camelot for today’s final, who looked a touch behind her leg throughout the course. She chipped to 4 and added in 6AB, then finished the last half of the course well.

11:02 Second standby after 120 have gone, in numerical order NOT order of preference:


12 Megan Hilton
23 Colette Cacciatore
29 Miela Gross
45 Summer Hill
46 Olivia Bloch
51 Katherine Bundy
53 Ashton Alexander
64 Emma Kurtz
71 Emma Marlowe
74 Kelli Cruciotti
76 Coco Fath
81 Sydney Hutchins
84 Morgan Ward
85 Taylor St. Jacques
88 Madison Sellman
92 Carly Adler
95 Paige Matthies
98 Misty Redd
107 Ransome Rombauer
117 Samantha Valone

Elli Yeager, from Thousand Oaks, Calif., caught a flier to 6A but it worked out well. Her horse was a bit behind her leg toward the end of the course, but no major problems. Catherine Apostol and her horse looked beautifully in synch. They had a nice trip with no big problems.  Louisa Brackett, Grayslake, Ill., had no major mistakes on course. Her horse spooked at the out-gate after the last fence, and she took her time, with a pat and a circle, to get him comfortable to exit. Camille Leblond got to 7 a bit quiet, and finessed the turns to the snake jump beautifully. She rode a confident, poised round. Madison Deregis didn’t have the day she wanted, landing on her feet when her horse dug in his heels at fence 5.

Celeste Purdom didn’t get to 6A right and nearly came off when her horse stopped. He stopped again the second time around to end her round prematurely. Abigail Weiland had a stop at fence 4. They finished nicely. Ariel Leshem did not show. Brooke Van Nortwick tacked up Friend Request for the class. Her sizeable cheering section voiced their appreciation for her solid trip. Big smiles on the way out. Mary Elizabeth Cordia and Thrift Shop are next. All the jumps came up nicely and she’s smiling big before she even comes back to trot. Kisses for her horse on the way out!

No. 131 in the order 11:30

Darby Cole had a nice trip with no mistakes. Eve Jobs, who just topped two classes at the Longines Los Angeles Masters in excellent company and just finished third at the USEF Talent Search Finals—West, is on finals veteran Curtis. He took down the front rail of the first oxer behind, but she finishes with a smooth trip and no other problems. Hayden Stewart made it from 5 to 6A in five strides then quieted it down to get through the quiet three-stride easily. A good round, perhaps not quite as smooth as she’d have liked. Katelin Mack made the trip to Harrisburg from Oregon City, Ore. She had to push to get out of 6AB nicely. She had no major mistakes. Emily MacLean, on Cambridge, came to Harrisburg from Rolling Hills, Calif. She took her time letting her horse get a look at the ring. She had no major problems on course and finished nicely.

Katherine Benard, on Jellybean, rode a seamless, relaxed round. Jellybean got lots of kisses and pats as soon as they walked out the outgate. Kathleen Harrigan and the uphill Achilles are next. Unfortunately she went off course after 5. Ally Marrinan’s gray pulled a rail at fence 8, but had no other problems and rode a confident round. Kayla Lott, from Camarillo Calif., tacked up Caracas 89 for today. He pulled a rail at 5, and they added to 6A, so she chose discretion rather than valor and added up that in-and-out. Lolly McLellan has a very distinctive mount for today, and she’s joining us from Ashland, Ore., He got a bit stuck over 4 but she pushed through. They had 5 down but recovered nicely through 6AB.

Kelsey Allen has Massimo, who rose to equitation fame with Chase Boggio up. She got a bit tight to 7, but finessed through well. The round didn’t have quite the polish she wanted, but she had no major problems. Isabel Ryan got good pace in the opening circle. Her pace and turns weren’t quite as consistent as she’d like, but she had no major problems and finished well. Cara Konowalchuk is on Van Gogh and joining us from Maple Valley, Wash. She put in a confident round, with a few quiet distances. Sophia Pilla tacked up Pop Rocks today. She rode a solid round with no major mistakes.

Alexandra Ladove started out strong and kept right on the pace, riding a smooth and sophisticated trip. Expect to see this California Girl’s name read in the next callback. Ashley Scott Armstrong, from Atlanta, started out below the pace, adding to several fences. She chipped badly to 4 and her horse took down the entire tall gate. He stopped at 5, then at 6b to finish her round early. Katherine Strauss, from Southampton, N.Y., has Canterbury today. She laid down a great solid round met with quite a bit of applause. Alexandra Maracic, fourth here in 2013, has At Last this time around. She laid down a solid, excellent round. Mitchell Endicott is out here from Rancho Santa Fe, Calif.,  He had a rail atfence 5 and got a forward distance to 7, but curved through the snug in and out beautifully to make it work. His horse had a rail at 11A as well.

Parker Wright has Romulous. His horse had fence 5 down, but he kept going without a stutter. A smooth round. Briley Koerner is on By The Book. She had a rail at 11A and a few uneven distances, but no huge mistakes. She gave her horse lots of nice rubs whens he walked through the out gate. Rebecca Kozma started with plenty of pace. She had a solid round with no major errors. Ellie Month is on Royal Z. She had a solid, smooth round. Cassie Crotty had a rail at 1, but finished with a solid round with no major errors.

156 12:14

Darby Pease, Mt. Pleasant, S.C., got into 6AB quiet, but got  out nicely. Lots of pats for her horse. Libby Greene struggled with her lead at the start of the course, and passed the dotted line before fence 1 to be scored off course. Tyler Raftery, Southampton, N.J., came in quiet to 6AB and couldn’t get out in two and stopped. She finished nicely and had lots of pats for her horse. Hana Bieling, daughter of professional Jennifer Bieling is next. She had a few snug distances but no big problems. Anna North, Sandy Spring, Ga., is next. She was careful to get right up to fence 1. She wasn’t quite as organized as she’d like toward the end, but finished with no major problems.

166 12:33

Molly Laughlin’s  horse did a drive by at 2, then cleared on re-approach. They added 6AB. Ellie Ferrigno, (who has an adorable pig who comes with her to horse shows) didn’t have the smoothest round of her career, but didn’t have any major problems. Carly Hoft, Rolesville, N.C., had all the jumps come up out of stride on her tall bay partner. She rode a sophisticated trip to lots of applause. Victoria Orlin has Alando to ride today. She moved up to the first fence and got down the line easily. She had a swap to three and a few uneven distances on course, but finished without any real issues. Caitlyn Sheffer, on Dragon, is next. She got quite long to 2, and overshot the turn to 3 to counter-canter that fence. She improved over the course and finished well.

Hannah Wickham’s mount crashed through fence 3 and Hannah took a tumble there and was quickly on her feet. However VDL Zigaro H didn’t want to head back to the barn and toured around for a while, eluding capture for a good minute or two. Jordan Stiller, Needham, Mass., is next, she found a great track for the first two broken lines, then a quiet distance to 5. She met 11A right between 5 and 6 strides and had that jump down. Elizabeth Adelson is on Bull Run’s Rubicon, whom she’s ridden in USHJA derbies as well as the equitation. She nailed the course with a slick ride. Clay Alder’s horse looked a bit bright, and she took her time getting to the first fence. She gave her horse a very tactful ride around the track with no mistakes. Hannah Janson added in the three-stride but had no other major errors.

Michelle Raue got a bit close to fence 1 on her lovely dappled gray and 6AB got a bit long too. But she finished nicely with no major mistakes. Natalie Templeton did not show. Chloe Doherty is riding Canada today. The Chester, N.J., rider nailed the track for the first two broken lines. She had a quiet distance to 10 but otherwise absolutely nailed the course. Eliza Gretok’s horse ticked a rail off 8, and had a slightly uneven pace in a few spots. She had lots of pats for her horse after her round. Marisa Tomassetti had a solid trip with good pace throughout.

Third standby after 180 have gone, in numerical order, not order of preference.

12 Megan Hilton
23 Colette Cacciatore
45 Summer Hill
46 Oliva Bloch
51 Katherine Bundy
53 Ashton Alexander
64 Emma Kurtz
74 Kelli Cruciotti
81 Sydney Hutchins
88 Madison Sellman
92 Carly Adler
98 Misty Redd
117 Samanta Valone
130 Mary Elizabeth Cordia
146 Alexandra Ladove
148 Katherine Strauss
149 Alexandra Maracic
163 Ailish Cunniffe
168 Carly Hoft
173 Elizabeth Adelson

Adele Mc Kenna nailed the first two broken lines, and kept that forward pace on course. She finished with a very nice round with no mistakes. Rachel McMullen had a solid go. Katherine Driscoll got a deeper spot than she wanted to three, and added up the line to four. She got tight to 6A but still got out in two. Kammie Berns caught a flier to 1 and ended up with a run-out to 2. She was a bit below the pace all course. TJ O’Mara, who just finished fourth at Platinum Performance/USEF Talent Search Medal Finals, (and whose sister Meg O’Mara won this class in 2012) is next. He lays down a stylish, smooth round to loads of screams and applause.

RIDER 186 at 1:32 p.m.

Sam Beiter is on Cool Water today. They laid down a solid trip together. Mckayla Langmeier, second at Platinum Performance, USEF Talent Search Finals—East two weekends ago, is next. She’s on Eclipse, and opts for seven strides to fence 6A and gets up the two-stride easily. She has a smooth, polished round. Elizabeth Van Der Walde, Ann Arbor, Mich., had a swap to 9, but finishes overall with a smooth round.  Kendra Oakley wasn’t as organized as she’d like at the start, with a run out at 2. She didn’t get perfectly straight to 3 and had a little bobble there. Lexi Ray missed the turn a bit to three, but had no major mistakes on course.

Bailey Brasington, on Bruno Mars, is next. She laid down a solid, carefully-ridden round. Scarlett Lee Aylsworth had a rail at fence 3 but finished well. Taylor Griffiths got a bit lost and went off course early on course. Giavanna Rinaldi is next up. She kicks into a gallop from the start and keeps on that same strong pace. She rode a smooth, flowing track, and nailed the turns from 9 to 10. Jordan Allen fell off the track to fence 2 for some unevenness there.

Chloe Wilkenfeld had a solid round with no major mistakes. Anna Zygadlo is on Dragonfly.  She had a few uneven distances but no real problems. Jillian Morisette got lost early on course and was judged off course. Avery P Hinson from New Albany, Ohio, laid down a solid, smooth trip. She has big pats for her horse as they walk out of the ring. Maya Nayyar took her time getting her pace, which paid off with a confident ride up the first line. She had a solid, forward round.

RIDER 201 at 1: 52

Emma Fletcher gave her horse a lovely soft ride. A nice go. Olivia Hazlewood got a bit snug to 5 and had that down, then added between 6AB. Emerging Athletes Program winner Sunny Drescher laid down a polished round. Nina A Rotondo gave her horse a tactful lovely ride, but came up tighter than she wanted to fence 10. Lucy Deslauriers looked like she’d been practicing this exact course all week. She laid down a stylish round, and we’ll surely see her again this afternoon.

Megan Griffin-Romeo was a bit weak coming into the final line, and gave Romeo lots of pats during her closing circle. John Porter wasn’t afraid to attack the course with some good pace. He put in a solid round. Gabrielle Bendall, Glenmoore, N.J., had a nice trip with no mistakes. Madison Goetzmann is on Play It Again, who had 6b down. She had an otherwise lovely and stylish trip. Katrina Tiktinsky from Southport, Conn., is next. She got snug to fences 4 and 5, and she had the latter down. She came up close on fence 10 as well, and finished with a good ride through 11ABC.

RIDER 211 at 2:09

Victoria Press got up the first line easily and kept up a solid pace throughout. She had big smiles at the end and is obviously thrilled with her great trip. Rhian Murphy rode a smooth, flowing round with no mistakes. Olivia Woodson http://www.chronofhorse.com/article/woodson-nails-test-win-usef-pony-medal-final put put in a solid, mistake-free trip.  Sammy Harris had 8 down, and her big strided horse easily did the leave-out stride options everywhere. Cole Battershall, Ada, Mich., looked a bit hurried at times, coming up close to 5 and 10. But she had no mistakes and finished well.

Abigail Albrecht had a swap or two, but rode a solid round.  Emma Wujek took her time in the opening circle, then rode a patient, smooth round with no mistakes. Alexandra Worthington, Las Vegas, is next. She marched around the first part of the course and was sure to get the steps. She laid down solid go. Frannie Twohig from Los Ranchos, N.M., is next. She had a few uneven distances, but no mistakes. She was smiling huge at the end and had lots of extra pats for her horse. Maddy Parker pulled the front rail of 6A. She had a few uneven distances and didn’t have the smoothest turn back to 10.

Rider 222 2:32p.m.

Ashley Parker went off course at the split rail, which has proved a confusing spot on course. Maverick Helmer is on High Speed. They came up between strides to 11A and had a stop there. Vivian Yowan is on Sanderson and laid down a solid trip with no mistakes. Mia Latran, Newtown Square, Pa.,  is next. Her horse looks like he’s a touch strong, but she’s picking him up well in the turns to get the tighter turns done. She finishes with no mistakes. Victoria Colvin is on Medal Finals veteran Patrick today. She just won the Platinum Performance USEF Talent Search Medal Final—East and has an ASPCA Maclay win already on the books. She chooses 8 strides to the right brush, and nails the turn to 3. She chooses six strides to 6AB which works out perfectly. She gets a perfect line to 9 and turns back to a perfect distance to 10, and finishes 11ABC right on. She never moves, and makes the whole course look like a twice around the outside crossrails track. What a great, composed round. And behind the out-gate after she dismounts she’s giving Patrick lots of pats. 

Emily Perez lays down a strong round with no mistakes. Catalina Peralta strikes up a forward pace and has a nice round. Her horse pulls the front rail of 11C. She’s giving him lots of ove before they’re even out of the ring. Shannon Hogue is on Wrigley today. The Westchester, Pa., rider has a strong round. Michael Williamson is on Long Island Iced Tea today. The Loomis, Calif., rider’s horse looked strong in a few places, but he held him together nicely. They finished with no mistakes. Claudia Payor got to 6A a bit early but got through the in-and-out well. She finished up with no real mistakes.

Allison Zimmerman, Parker, Colo., has a solid trip with a few uneven distances but no real mistakes. Savanna Hajdasz gallops right up to fence 1 and stays on that lick through the first half of the course. She gets to 6A a bit long but it works out well. She finishes well. Katie San Fratello, North Grafton, Mass., is next. She’s not quite as smooth as she’d like at the start of the course, but settles in after a few fences, with lovely rides to 6AB and 7 to 8. She finishes with lovely ride up the last line and a big hug for her horse. Margaret Von Ebers West Fargo, N.D., added a stride through 6AB but finished with no other real mistakes. Isabella Russekoff, Greenwich, Conn., had a strong, polished round, with great rides out of the turns to several fences.

Rider 237 3:03 p.m.

Addison Piper, Wellington, Fla., is next. 6AB got pretty reachy for her, and she galloped well up to fence 9. She stayed quiet and balanced throughout the trip.  Devon MacLeod galloped right up the first two broken lines and adjusted seamlessly for the turnier part of the course for a nice trip. Grady Lyman did not compete. Andria Talavera’s horse looks a bit strong through the beginning of the course, and she’s working hard to keep him on the track she wants. They run into trouble at Fence 10 with a stop after a miscommunication.  

STANDBY 4 after 240 have gone, in numerical order, not order of preference.
45 Summer Hill
46 Olivia Block
51 Katherine Bundy
74 Kelli Cruciotti
130 Mary Elizabeth Cordia
146 Alexandra Ladove
148 Katherine Strauss
163 Ailish Cunniffe
173 Elizabeth Adelson
185  T.J. O’Mara
187 McKayla Langmeier
188 Elizabeth Van Der Walde
194 Giavanna Rinaldi
205 Lucy Deslauriers
207 John Porter
209 Madison Goetzmann
211 Victoria Press
219 Alexandra Worthington
226 Victoria Colvin
227 Emily Perez


Isabel Harbour kicked off her round with plenty of pace. She came in a bit tight to 6A but got out of the in-and-out well. She finished well with no real mistakes. Alison MacDonald rode up for seven strides to the inside brush in the first line, but overshot her turn a bit to 3. She had 5 down and her horse got his eye on the wrong fence after that, but she got him zoned in on the right jump to finish without any more problems. Katie Eppinger’s  mount stopped at 6A, and she took a moment to give him a few rubs and some quiet words of reassurance. Alex Joerg—one of the Chronicle’s ones to watch—had a few little mistakes, but nothing major. She’s smiling big, and obviously happy, with lots of pats for her horse. Mary Claire Ray’s horse pulled a rail at 6A. They hesitated a bit off the ground to 11A but had no big problems.

Ali Tritschler laid down a strong stylish round. She found smooth distances everywhere and had seamless communication with her horse. Morgan Dickerson on Crescendo is next. The Pasadena, Calif., rider makes the first few broken lines look easy. His horse pulled the front rail at 6A. Sophie Michaels wasn’t as smooth as she wanted everywhere but she didn’t’ have any major mistakes. Liliane Kaissar had a nice round, and her horse pulled a rail at 11A. Julia Tait’s round was a bit uneven in places, but finished up 11ABC beautifully.

Ava Stearns rode it like stole it. Smooth everywhere, quiet connection, and very professional. She doesn’t smile till she gets to the out-gate, but it’s a bit one! That could get her to Round 2. Emma Lena Green started strong. Her number came off midcourse, but that didn’t distract her. She had to hit the gas pedal hard to stick with her plan to get from 10 to 11A in 5, but she got it done. Caroline Weaver has Ultaire for today’s competition. She got into 6AB a little quiet, but stretches and gets out well. Her pace was a bit uneven in places, but no real mistakes. Abigail Brayman is on a strong fellow, and she finesses him around the course well. They have a rail at 3, but finish nicely and she has lots of pats for him on the way out the gate. Natalie Benson has Nash for today’s rounds. She was a bit late with a charnge round to 5, but finesses through it. She finishes nicely with no big mistakes.

Elizabeth McKim has TJC’s Champagne. She easily shortens and lengthens his stride to meet the distance she wants. The round isn’t quite as smooth as she’d like, but they finish with no real problems. Isabella Noto does not show. Samantha Wight got a bit long into 6A and has that fence down. She finished nicely. Caroline Molther has a flashy chestnut today. She rides precise lines on course, and though she looks a touch holding at times, goes around with a nice trip. Dominique Gonzalez, from San Juan, Puerto Rico, is next in the ring on Bentley. She chooses the outside brush fence and seems very organized through the first half of the course. Fence 6A comes up a bit long but they stretch to get through the in-and-out nicely. She finishes up 11ABC well.

Meredith Darst who won the Washington International Equitation Classic Final in 2013, is next. She chooses the outside brush as well. She finds a confident ride up through 6AB and makes every fence look like it comes right out of stride. Her horse swaps to 10, but it’s hard to find to much fault in the round other than that! A solid finish and a very nice round. Elle Young has a very nice trip. It looks like she has to work a bit to keep her gray horse in front of her leg, and they get around without any problems. Genevieve Meyer won this year’s ASPCA Maclay West Regional qualifier. The Rancho Santa Fe, Calif., rider chose eight strides to the outside brush and found a great track to fence 3. She and her horse look ver smooth through the turns and any changes of pace ore nearly invisible. An excellent round, and she’s smiling big at the end. Lots of pats for her horse at the end!

Virginia Ingram has equitation veteran Commanche. She chooses the inside brush and finds an efficient track everywhere. Commanche is obviously proud of himself; he whinnies during his closing circle. Emily Kocher has Moonwalk today, who hesitates a it to fence 1 but clears it with encouragement from Emily. They have a rail at fence 5, but get through 6AB well. She gives her horse a tactful ride to finish very well. Courtney Osborne, Henrietta, Ga., chooses the inside brush fence to 2, and comes up on fence 3 a bit long. They come up snug to fence 10 but finish well up the outside line. Next in the ring is another favorite, Hunter Holloway. She won the ASPCA Central Maclay regional, and was second at both the ASPCA Maclay Finals and the Washington International Equitation Classic Finals last year. She’s on her mom’s old grand prix horse, Any Given Sunday. They have a forward pace and he has his tounge out for part of it. Hunter finds just the track she wants for the broken lines, and through the turns. She never seems to change her pace or change anything. That round will surely put her in for Round 2. Sara Green has Starsky for today, and moves up to the first fence. She has a few uneven distances, but no big mistakes to finish well up the last line.

RIDER 269: 4:09

Bailey Tims  is on Conquistador today. She gets a nice straight track to fence 3, but gets deep to 6A. She’s back in synch after that, nailing the turnier part of the course to finish well. Sophia Hall has a rail at 3. She has to work a bit to get her partner in front of her leg, but they finish nicely with no other mistakes. She leaves with a big smile and pats for her horse. Daisy Farish just finished 11th at Platinum Performance USEF Talent Search —East Finals two weeks ago. She has Casio for today’s rounds. Farish, Versailles, Ky. She gets a bit snug to fence 5 but controls that well. She makes the course look easy and finishes with smooth rounds everywhere and no mistakes. Fiona Steinmetz is on Eli 8 today. It takes a few fences to settle into a good rythym, then they put in a really smooth, mistake-free trip. Alyssa Prachar’s  horse digs in his heels to fence one, andshe gets over on reapproach. The Marietta, Ga., rider has to ride a tiny bit defensively the next few fences but is sure to get it done. Unfortunately she forgets to roll back around and re-jump the snake as fence 10 and is scored off course.

Sydney House is on NTEC Crown Royal. He gets his eye on 6A a bit late and swaps off there. She doesn’t get quite the track she wants everywhere, but doesn’t have any major problems and finishes up the last line beautifully. Maria Moore caught a flier to fence 3 and fell there. Kendra Gierkink, Harpswell, Maine, won this year’s Northeast ASPCA Maclay Final. She has Captain Jack today, and makes all the lines look easy. She looked polished and poised to every fence. And she and Captain Jack look like they’re perfectly in sync. They nail it! A great, great round. Lots of smiles and pats at the out-gate. Annabel Revers gets a nice gallop to fence 1 and never lets up. Her horse pulls a split rail at fence 5 but she stayed focused. She finishes strong and looks very pleased. Lilly Higgins, Summit, N.J., is riding Valentina F. It’s a nice trip and the fences mostly come up right out of stride.

Tye Donaldson is sure to get her gallop up the first line. She confident everywhere, though there are a few obvious changes in pace. She finishes with a great turn back to 10 to 11 ABC. Lillian Wagner has a few uneven distance, but no major problems. She finishes well up 11ABC. Evie Jaeckle is a bit close to 5 on her flashy chestnut, but rides up to 6 well and through 6AB well. She finishes strong. Charlotte Kwon is here from Warren, N.J. She moves up right from the first fence. She finds all the jumps well though it’s not quite as smooth a round as she probably hoped for.  Samantha Lombardo has Chief in the ring next, and doesn’t have as forward a ride as some of the competitors before her. She takes her time through the second half of the course and finishes strong through 11ABC.

Nicole Gillette, Jackson, N.J., rides next. She had to really leg to get through 6AB, but gets it done. She isn’t quite as forward as some riders, but finishes without any major mistakes.  Francesca Dildabanian is on Bluestone and she starts on a gallop. She collects her horse easily for 7 and 8, and keeps the pace in the turn back to 10. She finishes with a smooth, polished round. Yasmin Rizvi is on Spotify. When she gallops up to 6A her horse has a decent rub, but the rail stays up. She rides a strong, forward round to finish well. It’s an excellent, stylish trip. Last to go, Tyler Petrie, Medina, Ohio, is next. She rides a precise track everywhere, and every fence looks great. It’s a really nice round, and lots of pats for her horse at the end.

The judges will have their work cut out for them!



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