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    I went several times back in the 90's (I was in my mid-later 20s). The diversity in the bands lends to people of all ages attending. We saw parents with younger (10-12 y/o) kids, and quite a few older people (60s +). We did spend a lot of time in the mosh pits, but they never got really out of control. Lots of security around, and while there were a few people smoking pot, and several very drunk people, no one was violent. It was fun, but I preferred Lollapalooza. At 16, I think she will have a great time and would most likely be fine with a group of friends.
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    Quote Originally Posted by wanderlust View Post
    I may be the voice of dissent here, but she'll be 16? She's not a child. Drop her and her friends off, let them know when you'll be back, and trust them to make good decisions.

    There is going to be pot and alcohol floating around. Which I'm pretty sure just about every teenager can already get their hands on outside of concerts if they are so inclined. Concerts/festivals really are quite safe, just make sure that your daughter and her friends stick together.
    She won't be 16 until the end of June and the concert is the first part of August. As a mom, 16 is still pretty young to me. I've let her go to some local things like our fair with a group of friends but a rock concert in a big city is a whole 'nother ball game. I'm not going to follow her around but I will be more comfortable being on the premises "just in case". If she wants to go next year, after I've checked out the atmosphere, I'll probably drop off and pick up. I'll just get a room and shop in Dallas.

    Thanks for all the tips. I suppose since Vans sponsors this thing her Vans tennis shoes should be appropriate. She's already talking wardrobe and we are negotiating the difference between being comfortable, looking cool and not looking like a hooker. She wants a bandeau top, I say sports bra with one of the cut out T shirts.

    I'm kind of looking forward to it. If anything, the people watching should be interesting.

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    I'm not at all young anymore, but went back 1997. It wasn't a threatening atmosphere at all. She'll be fine.
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    No bandeau top. Straps. When you are in close quarters with a bunch of other people, you don't want someone to trip into you and pull your shirt down by accident. I had the same conversation with my sister, who ended up wearing layered tank tops, shorts, and sneakers, and was glad she had.
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    And no skirts either, especially if she plans to go crowd surfing.
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