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    Default Do Dogs Develop Hernias?

    I want to start by saying that I do have a vet appointment scheduled, but it's about 10 days away, so this will be checked out.

    My 10-year-old ACD had a lump (about 1.5 inches diameter) on his abdomen pop up almost overnight. It's just to the right of the centerline of his belly, and closer to his hind legs than his front legs. It's hard, covered with hair, and he doesn't care if I poke it.

    I guess I'm just hoping there might be a more benign cause than the cancerous tumor my mind immediately went to. (It's definitely not a "fatty tumor"—I've dealt with those.)
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    Yes, they can, but they are much more common in puppies than adults. Most commonly umbilical hernias, which are at their "belly button" but also can have inguinal ones that are more off to the side and farther back. My golden mix has a "fat pocket" that felt firm and I thought was a hernia, but turned out to be just a sort of clump of fat. Then again, she was about 40 pounds overweight when we adopted her.
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    If it's where the umbilical cord attached, it could be an old one that appeared. My dog had an undescended testicle, so at neuter time they basically had to spay and neuter him. That night an umbilical hernia popped out, and they used twilight sleep to repair it. It was definitely an old one that had never appeared before.
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