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    Default kickboard questions

    I am working on the details of the design for my new indoor arena (yay!!!). The kickboards will be vertical tongue and groove pine. What I am having trouble conveying to my builder is how I want the the areas in front of the doors and entrances to be handled. There will be an overhead garage door at one end of the short ends of the arena and along the long side there will be a entrance to the barn. How does one usually handle the kickboards in these areas? I think we will be doing a swinging door made of the same kickboard material in front of the overhead garage door. I am not sure how to handle the entrance to the barn though. I am thinking a double swinging door will be unwieldy to handle while holding onto a horse. I would like a slider instead, but is there a way to make the slider incorporate the kickboards so that when it's closed the kickboards will be continuous around the arena? I am sure I've seen this done before, but I can't remember where. Does anyone have a picture of a door like this so I can show my builder what I mean?

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    I have always seen a gap in the kick boards at the door openings and if you want to put something there to block the door a single bar across or such.

    I look forward to seeing photos of what you are describing.

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    as for a sliding gate... use a tracking system simialr to these Ty-Metal gate panels--the frame can be covered---- refer to their "quick panels with nailer strips" ... it will glide easliy...or can be motorized with remote controls

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