A quick background: I have had my spine fused from L4-S1, last surgery in 2004. Now, MRI shows what *could be* a disc herniation at L3-L4, as well as one of the present L4 pedicle screws *could be* rubbing on the exiting nerve root. Both scenerios fit with my symptoms.

MRI is a bit fuzzy due to metallic artifact (despite a 3 Tesla magnet).

So... Neurosurgeon wants a myelogram with CT scan to see what's going on in more detail. Won't run into the metallic artifact issue with the CT scan. Once we get results, we'll talk about surgery vs. an implanted spinal cord stimulator.

However, as I've been reading about the myelogram - It sounds damn scary! Lumbar puncture to remove some cerebral spinal fluid, dye injected into the CSF, the table tilts to evenly distribute the dye in the spinal canal... Then a CT scan. Then I have to stay there for a minimum of 4 hours to ensure no spinal headache, no CSF leak, no seizures, etc...

So... Anyone have any experience with a myelogram? Please feel free to PM if you're more comfortable.