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    Add another vote for teeth grinding or clenching. I get impossibly sore jaw muscles b/c I clench all day long (no idea why - started about 6 months ago). Got a mouth guard last far it makes me drool and want to gag & Mr. FourFaults thinks it's the sexiest thing ever! Hoping it works though.

    Maybe check that out OP?


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    I never found acupuncture to be helpful, but the appointments can yield other good, individualized advice and the treatment can be nice - a little authorized break from the world.

    Toradol is an NSAID given by injection and can be very helpful. Depending on your healthcare set up you may be able to have a standing order in a nurse's office or be able to get one quickly at a walk-in clinic. A little extra work, but no tummy involved.

    Manipulation can be great. I've been told that getting my issue resolved will take months or more and things get really entrenched while getting dinked around with wrong diagnoses. I think there can be some quackery entangled with this perspective, but it's one that makes the most sense for me and my situation. The muscles of my neck and back feel like cement and comments about misalignment in the cervical vert. have been consistent between unrelated providers. Chiro has helped and I'm now in a place where I can get adjustments from a DO (Osteopath) as a regular Dr visit, which for me is free. He's totally weird, but the price is right and it helps me. Some perfectly skilled chiros ofter (post-initial) app't that are about the same as most copays.

    For me, movement is much better than sitting.

    Do pay attention to sleeping arrangements. That's a third of your life that can be making things worse or making things better with no real effort on your part. Don't be afraid to spend a little $$ here. Only share your bed with pets who respect your space and schedule. I keep a jaw splint thing and ear plugs within reach, but don't always use them. People aren't always aware of having poor quality of sleep, but the affects can be devastating.

    I'm becoming interested in somatic exercises, like Feldenkrais and Rolfing I guess. I don't know a lot about it, but been reading up on some theory and it makes sense to me.

    Good luck.
    An auto-save saved my post.

    I might be a cylon

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    Thank you everyone for your ideas and well-wishes. Fortunately for me, it looks like my doctor was right! After four days of lots of Sudafed, my headache is gone. It's surprising to me, because I was never sick, or congested, and my headache didn't feel anything like a sinus infection or any sinus headache that I've had when I was sick. Not to mention I was feeling super nauseous, dizzy and weak along with the headaches. Today is the first day in almost 3 weeks that I've woken up without a headache, and it feels so good. Hopefully now I can go back to my normal amount of tension headaches and migraines, which seems completely tame after the past 3 weeks. I've gotten some good suggestions for reducing those, so thanks.

    I am pretty bad about clenching my jaw though. When I'm really stressed I'll wake up with a sore jaw and bite marks along my cheeks. Do you have to get a custom jaw guard from a dentist, or do the ones you buy from a drugstore work?

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