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    Default Pre-purchase Repro Exam Results...

    I am vetting a new mare I am looking at purchasing and just had some questions about the results. Her biopsy was even better than I had hoped and came back a Kenney Category I.

    Her cytology (I believe) all looked good:

    MICROSCOPIC DESCRIPTION: Smears were prepared from the submitted swab. These have low
    numbers of disrupted cells, occasional amorphous debris and fluid.
    COMMENTS: No inflammatory cells or infectious agents are identified, although smears have only
    a few disrupted cells.

    Her culture:

    Source UTERINE
    Microscopic GRAM STAIN RESULTS:
    No organisms seen
    Organism Staphylococcus aureus
    Quantity Light growth
    Comment This organism is beta-lactamase negative. This
    isolate is SENSITIVE to methicillin.

    According to the vet I talked to she would need to be flushed multiple times, caslicks, re-cultured before I could even look at breeding her. However, I "thought" if the cytology was good it usually pointed to the culture be a contaminant. Am I wrong? When they did ultrasound her the vet said there was some fluid present in her uterus and she had a 40mm follicle.
    Just wondering everyone's thoughts?
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    With a good biopsy, a negative cytology, but some debris and disrupted cells, I might think of 1 flush until clean flush comes out, but what that vet is recommending seems a bit extravagant. JMHO
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