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    Default Peri-articular Ringbone Treatment

    Hey COTH!

    My horse, a 16 year old Percheron x Thoroughbred gelding, has moderate-to-severe periarticular ringbone in both front pasterns. I've owned him for four and a half years, and prior to this winter, he's been almost perfectly sound (he did have two months of unsoundness a few summers ago). However, since late October, he's been off. Some days it's a clear grade 3, most days he's between a grade 1 and nothing, and some days it's between grade 1-2.

    Right now, my vet has me icing him and painting the area with a DMSO+Absorbine gel and working him lightly under saddle. As of this past week, he's been only lame when counterbending (to look at all of the scary things on the wall of the arena!) and only at a trot. He feels like he's 98% there - but I'm wondering if anyone has any ideas for treatments to get him over that last hump to soundness.

    The tricky part is that it's periarticular, so joint injections don't seem like they'd be worth the trouble. I'm not sure if there IS anything more to do, but I figured I'd post here to see if anyone has any input.

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    Shockwave therapy and a course of Pentosan. Initially did three sessions two weeks apart and he has only needed one additional treatment since then. He was a grade 3 at diagnosis after a trip in the turnout.

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    My mare responded well to injections of depo-medrol and HA, around the lesions.
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    Shockwave very much worth a try.
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    I'd also try using Surpass rather than DMSO and Absorbine.

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    Have you tried Tildren?

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    Keep the toe short, the phalangeal lever on the high side(ie: ease breakover). If he's barefoot, ease his breakover all around the edge by rolling it. If he's shod, do the same and/or use a half-round shoe. It sounds as though the periarticular ringbone has progressed and there may be some articular ringbone present.

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    If you can get him on Previcox, do it. My mare has the same thing (clyde x). She is trimmed the way R. Burten is suggesting and it helps. She has been semi-retired since the diagnosis in 04. She was a jumper. Until she got on Previcox, my daughter did not ride her any more. But now, with Previcox, she is sound (esp. in snow!!) mostly when the ground is softer. Still, it made quite a difference, but we did not keep jumping her either. We decided to give her a good retirement (she is 21 this year) and she mostly trail rides now.
    We compared xrays two years ago (2006 and 2011) and the vet was pleased to see no major change.

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