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    Jan. 27, 2002

    Cool could one really live comfortably in their gooseneck with living quarters?

    as mentioned in another thread living on the beach could be doable if on a tight budget by traveling from one campground to the next.
    dh says we should take a year off and do just that but i think two people, one elderly dog, four cats and two mares living on the road might be less fun and more of a pain in the butt.
    though my parents lived on the road for over ten years with an ancient irish setter and an ancient siamese cat, in a home made motor home too and they loved it.
    they belonged to the club called skp. and that club has camp grounds members could buy into and they were always there for one another in an emergency or for an impromptu party or mechanical issue.
    which leads me to--is there a network or club of people who travel with their horses?
    if not wanna start one?

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    Apr. 16, 2006


    I think it's possible. We recently traded in our LQ because we weren't using it anymore. There was one trip where it rained the entire time so we were stuck in the LQ and it was fine. I would suggest taking the whole crew for some trial trips of at least a week to see how it goes. But the more people and animals you have means more food that you need to transport/store, and this can be an issue when you are loaded up and trying to get somewhere. I would also suggest campgrounds that have hookups as it makes it a lot easier when you aren't worrying about water and generator gas. These apparently don't exist in New England, but were all over the place in Texas.

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    Jan. 4, 2007


    Could you pasture board your mares and go on the road without them for a few months, even in a rented RV and see how that works for you?

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    Aug. 2, 2004
    Whidbey Is, Wash.


    DH lived in ours for three months, sans critters (well, maresy was boarded nearby) while in Cali for training. It's possible. Two people was crowded, when I visited. Critters??? Mmmm....
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    Jan. 27, 2002


    hm, bestie says board the girls for a year and rehome older cats and maybe dog. i don't think i could go without my dog though, she'd be miserable anywhere without me, and happy anywhere with me.
    but four cats? that's a lot of litter box scooping daily,lol!

    so dh says what the hell, if we're really considering (again, still?) selling the place we should move to sicily for a year.that's his dream and i could do it, but leaving my critters behind?

    that's gonna be hard to do, could i really leave all of my beloveds?
    could i?
    i don't know, it seems too much to ask to give up my cats and the dog and my horses!! i know the mares could be simply fine, they don't give a darn. but the dog especially, ouch, she's old and getting infirm, that's a much tougher call.

    however i could see myself doing the rv thing with critters and horses after i learn what i need to know about living on the road. bringing horses while learning seems overwhelming to me.
    my bestie and her dh live on the road for six years and tell me we'd love it. they only have a big dog, but jobs also, so our critter complications could be off set by the need to have to work for a living as well. we could do alright on dh's pensions for a few years anyway.
    it's a scary and fun thing to consider for sure!
    guess we'll be up all night dreaming and scheming.

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    Nov. 22, 2003


    Some campgrounds offer FREE camping/vehicle/whatever space for working at the place -- taking fees, emptying trash, whatnot.

    There's a whole CULTURE of people who live in trailers/R.V.s/whatever and work/barter/whatever. It's called Workamping -- look it up.

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    Jan. 18, 2011


    I think it sounds like fun, sans the horses. I really don't think horses want to travel that much. Why not lease or board them, rehome a few (or all) of the cats, and take the dog and hit the road for a while. Could be really fun!!

    Of course a year in Sicily could/would be an amazing experience! Look into taking your dog! I would think it could be done.

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