Posted by Martha Utley Aitken 1999

The Saddlebred has more than a hundred years of documented breeding to qualify as a Warmblood and a sport horse. The Europeans have been wise enough to take our horses and cross them on their Warmbloods. The resulting animal many times has become an outstanding performing or breeding horse. The past fifty years has found the majority of Saddlebred breeders focused on the show ring candidate. At the same time the European breeders have changed from the utility horse to the under saddle jumping and dressage horse. Today, breeders and owners of Saddlebreds are seeking new disciplines to increase the market exposure of their horses. Dressage is the fastest growing discipline in the world with eventing a close second. It is only natural to focus on these disciplines. The Saddlebred is once again being bred for sport horse use.


Many ASB's are found in the pedigrees of the Swedish, German and Dutch warmbloods. The ASB cross is once again picking up steam within the WB community. Drogheda Farms of Strathmore Alberta imported a 17 year old ASB stallion from Desert Oasis Farms. Drogheda is very famous for their Irish Ponies they breed and "lease" for junior competitors. They wanted this stallion in their program to provide additional scope. As their children clients 5 years and up out grown their ponies they are looking to lease ring wise jumpers for the 16 years old and up crowd.

The X factor for heart is much in demand for the warmblood breeders. This of course also comes through the ASB.