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    Default Bite wound under saddle area

    My poor new mare can't catch a break. 3 weeks ago, she suffered a nasty bite wound on her back just under the cantle area of the saddle. Of course I gave her a good week off, cleaning wound every day, applied Nolvasan cream and also alumashield spray. Once it looked like a good scab was on there, I attempted to ride again. The wound was raw again when I took the saddle off. Gave her another couple of days off, kept it cleaned and dressed, etc. Well, every time I think it looks dry with a good scab on it and I attempt to ride, it is raw again when I get off. What can I put on this thing to aid in healing? Any favorite products out there?

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    When you put your saddle on over a scab, it's going to rub the scab ever-so-slightly. Over the course of, say, an hour long ride, you're going to rub that scab right off (as you've found out).

    There is nothing that you're not already doing that's going to speed healing except either a) not riding until the wound is fully healed (and by fully healed, I mean the scab is gone and the hair has started to grow in) or b) riding bareback, assuming you will not be sitting on the scab.

    Unfortunately, this is one of those tough-luck injuries and it is going to take a while without a saddle on your mare's back to heal. Personally, I would wait until the hair is fully grown back before attempting to put a saddle on and ride.

    Alu-shield is a good spray, helps dry out wounds. I would discontinue the use of the Nolvasan cream or any sort of moist goop - it's going to keep the wound moist and delay healing. Just keep it clean and dry.

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    Had this happen to a horse I had for sale. Had a buyer in from out of town who never got to ride the horse....
    I agree, give it more time. The skin has to be completely healed ( maybe hair grown back, but at least skin!). I like dermagel for healing skin. Good luck!
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    i have had this happen and i will put a good salve on it and cover with a large gauze pad. then i try to tape the pad down and then tack up. it usually helps for short rides.

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