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    Quote Originally Posted by Alagirl View Post
    LOL, and I thought I was the cynic!
    Heh, yeah, I know it sounds bad, but, when I was in the biz, the things which happened, a lot was stranger than fiction.

    I remember one lady came out with her son and told me how much he loved horses and wanted one. Except she had to physically drag him through the gate to the horse barn. I mean, grabbed him by the scruff on the neck (collar) and pulled him behind her. The upshot was I declined to sell to her.

    Then there was the lady who came out and was Bible-thumping all the time. Onliest she didn't know I can quote scripture with the best of them and did catch her in some discrepancies. But, once we narrowed down what kind of horse and what her riding ability was ('riding ability', there's another subject about falsifying your expertise...), she then started in on how I should give her a discount because God would want me to and she was a Christian!!

    Or, the lady who I went to high school (christian, of course, not the secular type), who thought I should give her kids free lessons because of the christian angle, yanno, helping each other out. Except, in HS, she was kind of snotty to me, not the christian ideal at all. But, now that she needed me, I should do it for free. Follow?

    Oh, yeah, I have loads of stories.... HA!!
    GR24's Musing #19 - Save the tatas!!

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    ZIPPING FLAME RETARDANT SUIT but wading into this anyway....

    Somehow through a great cosmic joke (???) I work as a youth pastor (yes, Christian) and can say that the church receives some very unusual donations at wouldn't surprise me if this mare was donated to the pastor or church, someone thought the church could auction/sell it or whatever, get a little money and the donor could get a tax deduction. Pastor Jeff & his wife used the horse b/c the church didn't know what to do with get the picture. The things we've been "blessed" with and then had to figure out what to do with...good, Lord. We actually have a tractor parked under one of our outdoor recreation spaces right now...sometimes it even runs. Mainly the kids use it for playground equipment. I would agree that these folks are trying to just rehome a mare that would be a hard sell and because she brings so little money, they're just going to give her away. We get part of the story (or maybe all of it, who knows, as it is craigslist, we can only guess at the actual story behind this mare...then again, THE ENTIRE AD MIGHT BE ONE BIG SCAM. Yay, craigslist. Then again, my daughter takes lessons on old FEI horses in their late 20s, early 30s. With the right management these horses are very useful and comfortable well into their golden years.

    Now to really stir things up Christianity and those who claim to be Followers of Christ but aren't, are like the horse-people posers on COTH we are calling out on another thread or posers anywhere else, for that matter. Just because you're in a garage doesn't make you a car anymore than being in a church every week makes you a Christian. Or just because you attend every A show on the East coast, doesn't necessarily make you an authority on horses/h/j/horse industry, etc.. Christian does not necessarily equal scam artist...sometimes "we" (meaning media, world, whomever) are quick to condemn all Christians as being judgmental, Bible thumping nut jobs. Because of the bad apples (and I'll readily admit there's plenty of bad apples to choose from), Christians are often quickly judged by those who condemn the Christians for being judgmental. Flame away, I'm just sayin', don't be quick to put the beat down on Pastor Jeff...remember it's craigslist...poor man might be totally legit and thought putting Pastor in front of his name gave him a little legitimacy (completely dumb move, IMO) that putting Cowboy Jeff.

    Last spring a family around here had a little pony mare (mini, actually, if memory serves) that they were going to give away to the child who wrote them the best letter explaining why they deserved the little horse and how they were going to take care of it, etc. They posted an ad on craigslist with an email address for folks to submit their letters to. I thought it was a neat idea. These folks get to choose the best situation for their little mare, a kid gets a pony, etc. The reality to horse ownership is that while the critters can be a blessing, SO MANY things about horse ownership are NOT blessings! Sometimes it's the critters themselves!!! HAHAHA I second the folks who commented that they had some blessings to share!!!
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