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    Default Hooking Bumper Pull Trailer's Elecrical into the Bed of a Truck - Extension Cord?

    I was trying to Google this to see if it exists, but didn't come up with anything. Here's the scenario...

    I'm looking to buy a bumper-pull trailer. I do not have a vehicle to pull a trailer (this will be a winter project), but I am currently looking at trailers to possibly purchase. I'm not in a hurry but figure winter pricing might be a bit better, etc. Plus it's fun to look!

    My mother has a truck that's wired to pull her gooseneck trailer. She used to have a bumper-pull trailer so the hitch is still there, but the truck was rewired, so now the electrical plug-in is in the bed of the truck rather than by the bumper.

    Is there some sort of an "extension cord" type thing so the bumper-pull trailer's electrical cord can make it all the way into the bed of the truck? If not, would this be an easy and okay thing to rig up? I for sure wouldn't want to do anything funky/bad to her truck's wiring. This wouldn't be a permanent set-up, just to haul the trailer home. However, I'm looking country-wide for trailers, so it could be a bit of a drive home.

    Thanks - and hopefully this isn't a crazy question!

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    I'm sure someone handier than I could rig one up, but you could always have a trailer dealer swap out the wiring for something longer if you don't want to do it yourself -- the guy I take my trailer to each year for a once-over shortened mine for me so I didn't have to wrap it around the crank to get rid of the slack.

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    I had the same problem, and found one online. I wish I can remember what search I put in for it to show up, but it was a perfect solution. In fact, I'm still using it 3 years later. It's basically an extension that plugs into the bed of my truck, goes over the tailgate and plugs into my cord on the trailer. Call a trailer service place who does stuff like installing hitches and such, and I bet they will know where you can get one. Good luck!

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    It sounds like you just need a 7 pin extension cord. This site seems to have everything to do with hitches and cabling. This might not exactly be what you need, but if you hunt around this site, I am sure they will have it. I have found this website to be alot cheaper than the trailer dealers for parts ..,30133

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