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    Nov. 8, 2012
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    Default Purina Hay Cubes for hind gut ulcers?

    I am trying these on my guy for change of weather colic. A friend
    uses them for horses who won't drink on long trailer rides. Those
    of you who have horses with irritated hindguts may find these
    very benefical. It is a brick of compressed hay,you put it in a
    bucket, add water and in ten minutes you have a bucket of wet
    mushy fiber.

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    Alfalfa and hay cubes have been around forever. I've used them for years to feed toothless seniors and to hydrate before road trips. Nothing new here.
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    Are you thinking of "Hydration Hay?"

    I saw it at Fair Hill last month and thought it looked really interesting, but didn't ask about pricing, as it's not something that I need at the moment.
    It did appear to soak thoroughly much more quickly than any hay cubes or pellets that I've dealt with, and it had a very nice consistency once soaked.

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    Sep. 8, 2007


    I would use soaked timothy/alfalfa cubes or simply add water to their grain.

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