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    Sep. 15, 2006

    Default what number of people do you think lie to poll takers, esp exit polls

    just your thoughts
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    Aug. 25, 2007


    I think it's brilliant. It screws up the national media royally (and how often do we citizens get to do unto the the Talking Heads as they do unto us?).

    I lived in Houston in 1984. All of the lawyers in my office (and a few from other offices) agreed that if we got "exit polled" we'd say we voted for Lyndon LaRouche (D) because "he was the only candidate not endorsed by Pravda!"

    Sadly, not of us got "hit" but wouldn't that have made the national news!!!!!!!

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    Jun. 24, 2005


    I wouldn't answer an exit poll person anyway, but I routinely lie to the professionals that call me at home. It sucks that the national Do Not Call list exempts political calls.
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    Sep. 6, 2005


    I was an exit poller once I was a painfully broke college student and it was $100. I sent them my info, they sent me a box with a survey box and surveys. I drove to buttcrack Iowa in the dark, in a snowstorm, and sat around all day as the queen of awkward

    The ladies running the poll were really nice (helped that I had done that before, another $100 and a free day off school in high school). Thankfully they let me sit inside in a hallway (they don't have to, they can make exit pollers sit outside). At 8pm things were winding down and the head election official told me to go home and said that if they called she would say I was still there (bless that woman!!)

    Anyway, four times I had to go call in my results and it was super strange because I was supposed to enter the information in an automated system and I got a representative. In the background I could hear chaos and panic.

    So the next day I pick up the NYT and see that due to computer malfunction the exit polls were unable to process *any* results that day. (This was 2002, a non-presidental year).

    They did pay me though. That was awesome.

    I hoped no one lied to me, if I looked anywhere near as pathetic as I felt

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