I have a 1999 15.2hh bay registered Thoroughbred mare who is available for adoption to a companion home. She was given to a "friend" last year and I recently got her back about 3 months or so ago. She was emaciated and is still probably about 100lbs underweight, but is gaining. She was a very easy keeper in the past. She is one of the sweetest mares I've ever had the pleasure of knowing. I am looking to find her a home as a COMPANION ONLY because she does have a history of bucking and seriously injuring a rider. It *was* pain related, and I suspect with regular chiro and a saddle fitter she would be just fine - but I can't make that guarantee. She does have some other issues.. she will tie 95% of the time, but occasionally she does pull back and try to break loose. I do not lease her tied unattended for this reason, and she also paws quite a bit.. when tied, while eating, in her stall, etc. She does NOT load. I have owned and worked with all kinds of horses who were difficult loaders but this mare is the worst I've come across. I've had several people attempt to load her to no avail. We did hire a professional NH trainer last year who had her self loading into a step up within a very short area of time - but we have not been able to get her on a trailer since. She is otherwise a VERY sweet and friendly mare - the first to meet you at the gate, always in good spirits and wanting attention. My finances took a major, major hit just after getting her back and I unfortunately am forced to rehome all of my horses. I am looking for a forever home for this girl. I am seriously considering euthanizing her (though I have no idea how I will possibly afford the disposal) but I would really like to find her a forever home. I do not want her to continue being passed around and risk her falling into the wrong hands again. Please email me at Pretttywaste@gmail.com (3 t's in prettty) for more information. References will be required and I will not place her unless I feel like it's a perfect fit. Located in Southwest, Ohio.