I'm looking at a potential move to Sumter, SC, and am curious what all is available for barns in that area. I've done a few internet searches, but haven't come up with many concrete options yet (and I know Camden has a horse reputation, so I'm hoping someone can help me out).

I'm looking for a quality, but laid-back operation, specializing in either H/J, eventing, or fox hunting. I grew up riding hunters/equitation, rode professionally in VA for a few years and got into eventing and fox hunting, and now I'm looking for a place where I can just ride. Would love to ride out and hack as much as possible because I'm more or less stuck in a ring here in the Midwest. I'm not hung up on the discipline so long as it's a friendly environment and they're cool with a person who wants to ride, lesson (possibly lease), and be challenged, but not necessarily show right now. Would also love the opportunity to get involved with the Camden Hunt, as I'm dying to get back in the field.

I may be getting an OTTB at some point in the next year or two, so an environment where I could easily let one down and slowly bring it along would be preferable. Place doesn't have to be fancy, just friendly and low-key.

Right now I'm lessoning at a local barn and schooling the greenies for free when the boss is gone at shows. That is working out great (and I'm sad at the prospect of leaving), but I figured I'd ask around here to get a feel for the reputation of some of the barns in that Sumter/Camden area. Google only tells me so much. Thank you for your time and assistance, any input is much appreciated!