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    Talking Party planners : ideas for an outdoor summer party?

    I'm looking for anything, creative suggestions for decorations, things to serve, activities, tips and tricks for preparations, whatever.

    I have some ideas but would like to hear about some really great outdoor parties you've organized or attended

    There will be about 50+ people, adults, toddlers, kids, teens, both family and friends, and will be outdoors, with a BBQ, set up lakeside on our farm. Planning to put up some sort of tent, and do the cooking myself. Would like this to be relatively easy, yet fabulous and original!!

    Anyone ?

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    Maybe not easy, but pig roasts are always a lot of fun. Bounsy castle for the kids and adults after cocktails?

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    I have been to and also had some fab outdoor parties. We just had a 4th of July one that rocked! I have found that if you cater to and have activities for both kids and adults, everyone has a great time.

    For the kids - we almost always have kid food - they make up their own plates easier, and typically go somewhere as a group to eat Have separate tables set up for the kids to that area, have kids games (lawn games, balls, badminton). If it's going to be hot, the best advice I can give is tell families to let kids bring their suits and a towel, and have them bring WATER GUNS for a yard battle. Use small baby pool filled with water and they fill their own guns. Our kids entertain themselves with water battles for hours when it's hot. I do not recommend water balloons however. They take an eternity to fill, and only last a minute or two...and the worst part? Cleaning up the little balloon pieces. YUCK.

    For the kids I have also done themed scavenger hunts. (hide things in yard or party area and give kids a printout of what they need to find.) For Halloween we did a mystery one where kids had to find solve riddles... like "Ghosts eat this in the morning for breakfast" and we hid boxes of "Scream of Wheat" (Cream of Wheat). You need a parent to get them started.

    We've also done "guess how many M & M's are in the jar" fill in little slips with their guess, winner takes all. And "decorate your own cupcakes" is easy. Bake cupcakes and buy the frosting cans, toppings. Set up a table with tablecloth, safe plastic knives and let them have at it!!

    For the adults, good food and drinks do it typically, and music. Have guests bring their own portable lawn chairs.

    Finally remember that the LESS you have to do AT and during the party (cooking, grilling, etc) the more fun you will have. This was one of the first parties we had that involved NO grilling for my husband. We did things like BBQ in crock pot and everyone brought side dishes. Really think about each food and drink and make as much as possible "self serve".

    Finally, google is your friend. Google outdoor party ideas and such and you'll find great things!

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