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    Apr. 2, 2006

    Default Destano (Desperados/Bretano II)

    I tried breeding to his sire Desperados last year but I like his son Destano's way of going better. My only issue with him is the paddling. Has anyone seen his front legs? How correct are they?

    And some of his foals:

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    Oct. 24, 2006


    Bump, Bump If I may!

    Hopefully someone might chime in.

    How are his legs?
    How are his foals' legs?
    Any additional thoughts about him?

    Always on the lookout for Mr. Right for my mare and really like this fellow. He has a wonderful way of going and I like his short compact frame. I prefer Desperados' length of neck a bit better but Destano's conformation at a glance is better than his sire, IMO, and his foals seem to inherit his lovely type and nice movement.

    Desperados looks to be a very consistent producer. Is it better to breed to the source of lovely boys like Destano or does Destano bring to the table additional strengths by way of his pedigree?

    I have an arabian mare (MMB GOV) and so for me I'm leaning toward consistency and proven but wondering if Destano might be a better option with the addition of Brentino and a little more "like" type??

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    Sep. 17, 2003
    Howell, Michigan


    He's a little soft in the pasterns for my tastes. Take a look at ~1:20 on this video.

    Otherwise very nice looking stallion.


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    Dec. 2, 2008
    Ont, Can


    I have also been following him as an option for a Harvard mare in the future and am also interested in any comments from those who have seen him in the flesh.

    In 2011 there was a cute (Destano x Harvard x Rubinstein I) filly in the Oldenburg Elite Foal Auction: She was #67, if you scroll down you can see a photo and video.

    But her Harvard dam has already produced a Licensed son by Desperados, Dream Diamond (Desperados x Harvard x Rubinstein I):

    I imagine they believed Destano might bring something extra to the table or why not just repeat the already proven, successful cross...?

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    Aug. 17, 2011


    This is video from November 2011. As quoted from the Oldenburg website below:

    "Also honored on Saturday were the 2011 Hauptpremium or "Main Premium" stallions for both Oldenburg and the OS. This is a honor given to a 5 year old stallion each year based on their own performance in sport, in the stallion performance tests, and on the quality of their first foals. In contention for the Oldenburg award were Fairbanks (Flemmingh x Identify (Inselfuerst)), Surprice (Sir Donnerhall x Pusteblume (Prince Thatch xx)), and Destano (Desperado x Bella Novanna (Brentano II)). In the end, the Hanoverian stallion Destano was crowned and celebrated as the Oldenburg Hymn was played. Destano was bred by Heinrich Giesselmann and was licensed in Oldenburg in 2009. He received outstanding scores of 8.69 for dressage and 8.94 for jumping in his 30 Day Test, and in his 70 Days test he received a dressage index of 134 with excellent individual scores of 9.0 for character, willingness and trot, and a 9.5 for his walk. He also presented two foals in the Oldenburg Elite auctions and had 28 premium Oldenburg foals. He is owned by and stands with Gestuet Sprehe. "

    I attended this event and thought Destano was a stand out. Gorgeous stallion that maintained his composure in an electric atmosphere. I can think of a number of my mares he would cross well.
    Nancy Holowesko
    Breeders of GOV Horses for Dressage

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    Oct. 24, 2006


    Thank you so much for the additional comments!

    The way he moves off his pasterns is not something I noticed from his other videos and I'd be weary to make judgement on that based on slow motion video. Something to keep an eye out for sure though, thanks Dan!

    What a neat comparison Emy and I'm happy to read that you're having a look at him as well. Tough to know how she will mature but I like little wee filly's topline and I think she could have a bit more substance to her than her older half sibling. Would be really interesting to know how the breeders compare the two of them.

    Nancy, thanks so much! What do you think of his foals in general? Stamped? Consistent? You have some wonderful mares who have produced some wonderful foals. In fact, I see, via your website, you've breed to most of the stallions I have on my short list. I've read some wonderful things about his temperament and I appreciate your comments about that!

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    Dec. 5, 2010
    Walnut Creek, California


    Looks like Destano is doing well as a sire, the foals are very nice and very good movers. I still have 3 doses of Desperados and will use them, but will keep Destano in mind. I found another son, Decurio 2008 Hanoverian who is Desperados-Rostpon-Borneo(Bolero), so he has some of the same breeding as Destano. I will plan on visiting him on my next trip to Germany. The director of Moritzburger where he will be standing is very excited about him. He scored 154 in Dressage at his 30 day test, definitely worth a closer look. He's not yet on their website, He looks to have a fabulous canter and appears very elegant in the photos.

    I apologize from straying away from Destanos.

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