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    Default TBI treatment Behavior Therapy

    Our 8 year old daughter was recently diagnosed as having suffered a TBI (moderate) at some point in her life. We are not sure exactly how it happened, or if she actually suffered a TBI or was possibly born with her brain "wired the way it is" so to speak.

    Anyone out there used behavior therapy? Background - at 7 years her teachers insisted she was ADHD, which I could kinda see. But the neurologist really bothered me as his assessment was made in less than 15 minutes and our daughter had lots of problems with the meds. Side effect problems, including threatening to jump out a 2nd story window soon after turning 8. Took her off the meds. Went back to sweet child, yes distracted but at least not manic!

    Took her for a qualitative EEG and she is NOT ADHD. Well, my first reaction is no wonder the meds didn't work. I freely admit to not understanding all the results, but with her eyes closed, she has lots of electrical activity that she is not supposed to have. This result is why they say TBI. She is restless, unable to focus and fairly emotional.

    We've had 4 behavior therapy sessions so far and it looks like they are working (my best expanation is they are training her brain to function at a more normal level). It looks like insurance may not cover the therapy, as she is not considered "learning disabled". Sigh.

    Anyone out there use behavior modification for treatment for a TBI or for suspected TBI? Successful?
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    I can't stress enough DO IT NOW. I suffered a TBI at the age of 12. Those were days before MRI's. I was in ICU for about a week and they sent me home saying I was fine. I suffered for 20 years. Finally out of desperation I went to a neurologist. You would not believe what people thought before his diagnosis my life was miserable. I was suicidal because of it. Since finding out the extent of damage that was done I have been doing behavior therapy. It's soooo hard. It would have been much easier if I did it at 12. My whole life would have been so different.

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    Any news on your daughter?

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