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    Oct. 18, 2008

    Default What would you expect to pay for...

    Friday night jumpers only at a little schooling show. Talking about trainer fees not including entry fees or the like. Tell me what the total would be and how much you would expect for trailering to cost (show was about 60 miles round trip), coaching fee, school horse, ya know.

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    Feb. 3, 2000


    Trailering $1 per mile although I've heard some barns are up as high as $2/mile -- So $60

    Coaching fee ... for a local trainer ... $50-$75 ... more likely $50 at this sort of show --

    Not sure what the lesson barns are getting to lease a horse for a day, but 20 years ago I paid $50, and a dozen years ago I paid $100 to use one in a clinic -- A lot depends on the quality of the horse -- Maybe $150 --

    Did the barn groom the horse or provide a groom at the show (not something I would expect at a schooling show, but I have seen it done) -- First lesson barn I rode at had a pamphlet about showing that they gave to students before their first show ... sort of a rate sheet with some extras to explain expectations -- They had prices for bathing, body clips, show clips, mane pulling, braiding, horse rental, coaching, wrapping legs & shipping -- Braiding fee (and mane pulling if the horse needed it) were mandatory -- No lesson student was allowed to even attempt braiding --
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    It would all depend on if I was the only person going to the school.
    The trailering is obviously going to be more money if your horse is the only horse taking the trip. Usually it costs about $1.50 a mile so I guess I would expect to pay $90.00 in trailering fees.

    Trainer fees I would expect to pay would be: $45-55 dollars a day.
    If your trainer is schooling your horse(riding) I would probably expect my trainer to also charge me for a training ride which would be $25-35 dollars

    Hope that helps
    Weekends are for horse shows
    and Fridays are for lessons

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    Feb. 18, 2001
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    $150 for a one-day show, including trailering, but obviously your mileage may vary.

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    Nov. 8, 2006


    I'm spot on with vegas and on the west coast.

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    The same as you would pay for a regular show. Any good trainer will (or should) put an equal amount of time and effort into each customer at each show regardless of whether its a schooling show or an AA show.

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    Jun. 17, 2001
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    Yeah, prepping you and/or the horse and getting you into the ring knowing your course and all possible options then giving you a critique takes the same amount of time and talent no matter the level of the show-and you pay the trainer for their time and talent, not the size of the show or class. So...figure that Fri evening show 30 miles away is going to take 6 to 8 hours total from hitch up to unhitch and clean the trailer-during which your trainer cannot teach any lessons at home.

    I would expect to pay the normal rates. Without knowing what OPs trainer charges? Can't say specifically...but would guess $100 for the trailering and anything from $50 to $150 for the coaching, add 50-75 or so if day charges applied-meaning they provided a groom and all necessary equiment (buckets, lead ropes, grooming kits etc.). Guessing 3-400.

    YMMV depending on area and level of that trainer and if there are others to share the hauling costs..
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    Apr. 28, 2008


    Normal rates. The places where you get a "break" doing local shows are that there is no stall set-up and pull-down, no grooming stall and feed stalls and tack stall to split, no trainer's hotel and meal fees to split -- so those fees would be gone from the normal A show fees.

    Depending, you might not have a "day fee" if you groom and tack up yourself, in addition to the trainer fee. However, if the trainer bathed your horse, got it clipped, wrapped, brought all the supplies and you showed up after work at the show to tack up and ride, you might fairly pay a day fee too.

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    I would expect $60-100 for trailering, whatever the trainer's normal coaching fee and day lease fee are. Ditto day fee if you aren't doing your own grooming or owner prefers that a groom do it. I would not expect to pay less because it's a local show or not a full day. I would expect to pay $150-200 overall.

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