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    Oct. 18, 2000


    I wet clipped with the Andis clippers and had to hide the horse in the back pasture out of shame.

    Maybe it's the clippers? I have Oster clippers as well but I haven't tried wet clipping with those.

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    Nov. 29, 2008


    I remember reading wet clip threads years ago and thinking it sounded like a novel idea, but one I'd never try.

    I'm happy with my horses turnout, so I thought changing my methods wouldn't make sense.

    I bath the horse squeaky clean, let dry, clip with sharp blades using long sweeping passes planning the sweeps from visual memory of the lay of the horses coat.

    Plan clip pattern and saddle pads with certainty.

    Use Clipmaster and Andis A-5 with T84's

    Use cool lube.

    Move horse into different light, stand back, and touch up.

    Wash again and use a final rinse containing a few drops of baby oil.

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    Oct. 16, 2008
    Central Oklahoma


    I just did my first wet body clip last week, using Oster Clipmaster. I wasn't too impressed with it. The result wasn't horrible, but not nearly as good as dry clipping either and I had to run the blade several time just to get it looking decent.

    The only benefit I got out of it was I wasn't covered with hair

    Wooly Mammoth threw a tiny fit with wet clip wheras he usually fell asleep with dry clip.

    I think I will revert back to dry clip, equipped with rain coat next time.

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    Jul. 29, 2005


    I've done a few wet clips, and they turned out beautifully. But I wouldn't say they were easier. The pros are that you stay cleaner and you don't have to wait for the horse to dry, which is great in cold weather. The cons are that it takes me a lot longer and I have to go over many areas more than once to get it smooth and pretty.

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    Jan. 9, 2006
    Central Florida


    I too tried clipping wet and ran into the same problems others mentioned (uneven, having to go over more times than if dry etc. etc.). I didn't even bother trying to clip much- just waited for him to dry and then finished the job. I am not very fussy in my clip jobs because 1) I am not showing him and 2) I am just trying to get some winter hair off and keep him cool when working in Florida winters where it can be 70-80 degrees during the day (I usually just do a trace-type clip with neck and chest taken off also). My horse's winter coat is long, but fine. Andis 2-speed clippers which work fine dry with a T-84 blade for most of him.....I'd rather wait till he's dry then get so frustrated while clipping

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