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    Default Ideal front & hind end conformation

    I am trying to educate myself further in regards to front and hind end conformation. What angles are ideal for dressage and what are not. I am a very visual learner, and would love to have some conformation pictures posted and to have a discussion about their weaknesses and strengths.

    Can you show me a good croup angle and a poor croup angle? Does more angle allow for better push from behind and more engagement? Same with the shoulder...could you show a good and poor shoulder angle?


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    Default check these out

    there are some brillinat articles here by Judy Wardrope:

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    I find it is really hard to find good photos illustrating a good hind end because to explain it the near hind cannon needs to be totally perpedicular to the ground. I will look around to try and find some though. (Totilas is ideal behind but again, no photos to really illustrate this)

    In terms of croup angle I find that if the leg from the stifle down looks good, the rest is by default good because it is the upper leg bones that place the lower leg where it is (and it's just easier for me to look at the leg from the stifle down and decide if it is good or not).

    In the front end, it's really the length of the humerus you should be looking at. A long humerus makes a more laid back shoulder, and a short one, a straight shoulder. A longer forearm will help with a more uphill build (I wouldn't want a longer cannon.

    Everyone likes something different but for me I am looking at a horse thinking about wether or not this horse is an FEI dressage prospect (can he collect?). It is easy enough just watching him move to discern if his gaits are good enough. It's the other question that is harder (and will be dictated by his conformation).

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