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    Jul. 22, 2010

    Default Suspensory Injury in the lateral lower branch of the forelimb

    Hello! I'm new on here but I recently acquired a horse with a history of Suspensory Ligament Desmitis..
    His old owner brought him back mid winter and was jumping, but he got reinjured after having 6 months off. For the past few months he has been doing walk trot and has been sound, but on stall rest for the past year.

    I have him now and I pulled his shoes and was planning on giving him a year off in a pasture for himself. He is getting fat though, so I wanted to start trotting him again to keep his weight down and to keep his muscles in shape.

    I was worried about him being foot sore as he has only been without shoes for 3 weeks, but I had someone video tape him trotting and he seems pretty sound to me.

    Do you think investing in hoof boots is a wise idea?

    Videos of him trotting and walking..

    Close up of feet while trotting and more trotting..
    the second part of this one shows off his trot the best i think..

    Pictures of his front feet both from the outside views..
    Do you think he's fat? I feel like he has love handles.. and is gaining weight in the wrong place.. So sunbleached :'(

    Thank you!

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    I'm a little confused. Is he still on pasture rest? If he is sound and he looks it, I would have the vet ultra sound and confirm that he can go back to under saddle walking. My sisters horse had distal sesmoidian ligament damage, rehabbed and started jumping and it tore again. She rehabbed her again under saddle after 3 months of stall rest and she is great WTC! but it took a who year before she trotted. You can condition him pretty good with walking under saddle. Your footing looks nice and his feet look pretty solid. Again I would get the vet out and with their ok start walking first.

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    Jul. 22, 2010


    Oh yes he has been cleared for walk trot and canter by one vet.. another vet thinks he needs more time off .. he's been to like every vet available and they all have different opinions.. all agree that he shouldn't be turned out.. which didn't happen obviously. I'm not keeping the horse on stall rest for another year.. up until three weeks ago he was trotting sound undersaddle and getting ready to canter.. but he isn't fully healed..

    after we got him my plan was just to give him a year off whether he was sound or not because I will be busy with school and my other horse..but recently I have changed my mind and would like to at least get on and walk him and maybe do some light trotting.

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