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    Default Color Question

    My beautiful palomino welsh/tb colt was born a cream color. He is shedding out his baby coat but he still looks cream colored. Will he darken up after his winter coat shed? I don't know how I would get good pictures for registration purposes. This is my first palomino so I have no history for basis. His eyes are a really pretty gray/green color. (He's not a double dilute)

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    No telling at this point what shade he'll end up. Usually though the Summer coat of palis is darker than their Winter coat. Sometimes dramatically so.

    Also, the first shed, or sometimes 2, tend to be much darker than the final adult color. More than a few pali foals have shed "black" the first time.
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    No telling really.. But if he's shedding out really light, he may be a pale pally instead of a darker gold. Alot I have seen that shed out dark.. almost liver chestnut, end up smutty gold.. some you'd mistake for a cremello they are so light, and they ended up a very pale pale pal. As adults they still are creamy. One is a morgan, and she has a blaze, and you can barely see it she is so light.

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    Thanks for the help, I guess my hopes of a golden color is going to be in reality a creme color. He's just the cutest so it doesn't really matter.

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