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    Default Durasole vs. venice turpentine vs. bleach/water

    I work with three wonderful farriers (I have multiple horses in different locations) and each has expressed a preference for the best treatment to toughen up soles on a horse who has just had front shoes pulled (horse wears easy boots in field during day; comes in at night and I pull boots). Durasole, venice turpentine, bleach/water.

    Any thoughts to help me decide? I have all three. Thanks!!!
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    Sep. 8, 2007


    I personally always use Durasole. It's worked very well for me.

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    Is that even a question?

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    Dangit, I just spent $26 on a can of venice turpentine (recommended by my vet). Hmmm.... maybe I can find the receipt....

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    Apr. 7, 2007


    Another vote for Durasole. I've never heard of bleach water for toughening soles. I use it for mild thrush, but not what I would even think of for a toughener/hardener. Dries it out but that's about it.

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    I think the bigger crime is you spent $26 on venice turpentine! I just spent $19 and that was for the venice turpentine and the mini crock pot to heat it up with!

    I never had much luck with all the durasole precursors which had ingredients now mostly deemed illegal, so I figured I would try the VT, however I think that might be a tad more effective in sealing our summer moisture? Who knows, but I'm giving it a try...
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