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    Default Attaching bridle/Martingale nameplates

    This seems like a stupid question and I think I've seen it here before but I can't seem to find the thread

    How do you attach bridle/martingale nameplates, I know where I want them, I just need to figure out how to get them on. They're the Smartpak plates if that makes a difference and they came with what looks like two different sized "pins" (sorry, I don't know anything about hardware so my terminology is completely made up) and then two different sized "caps" that can fit over the pins. Is this doable or should I take it to a tack store? Thanks in advance!

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    Sounds like pop rivets to me.

    1. pre-mark the holes where you want the plates to go, then use a leather punch or drill to put holes in the leather. The holes should be equal to the size of the larger, hollow, rivet; the leather will give so that the pin will fit through.

    2. put the outer rivets through the holes from back to front, and lay the plate over the top.

    3. put the inner rivets inside the outer rivets from front to back and turn the piece upside down (so the plate is facing down) on a hard but padded surface to avoid scratching the plate. i.e., a towel on a table works.

    4. hit the back of the rivet firmly with a hammer. You need to hit hard enough that the rivet expands in the cap, but not so hard as to damage the cap.

    I like to do one rivet at a time. I find I lose the caps less often that way!

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    Thank you so much! Those instructions were perfect.

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