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    Default Hunter breeders, need your thoughts on stallions and mare

    I'd like your honest thoughts on this mare and potential crosses for HB. She has had 2 years off being a mom, and I decided to keep her open this year to put some mileage on her undersaddle and in the show ring. She had some prior to breeding her, but nothing worth mentioning.

    I got some pictures last weekend under saddle, this is about 3 weeks back into the groove and so far she has tolerated the work well - she seems to enjoy the break from her baby - I leave the kid in the pasture with her friends and take her mom out to ride, and no fuss at all.

    So I really don't know much about hunters other than a BN trainer in this area expressed interest in this mare a few years ago. She has what I would call a flat stride, it's by far the easiest to ride - doesn't bounce you around at all, sitting trot is an absolute dream. She also has quite a huge stride, she covers a lot of ground.

    1. What kind of "frame" should she be in? I messed around with a few things while on her, but I'm not sure what the ideal is for hunters. Could you point out a picture that is ideal (hopefully there is one, lol).
    2. What do you think of her? I purchased her for eventing, do you think she is hunter material?
    3. If you were breeding her for hunters, who would you pick and why? Her first foal is 3/4 TB and 1/4 ID and takes after mom. She is actually a spitting image of mom only in grey and a bit more bone. Her second is very dressage like in movement and a cross I intend to repeat for jumpers. So I know she has thrown huntery and dressagey depending on the prepotency of the stallion (huntery foals dad is NOT a hunter mover at all, but obviously not prepotent much b/c we got a clone of the mare).

    Here is her album

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    In most of the photos she's a bit overflexed. I like this photo the best as far as head/neck carriage I think, if you could get her to drop down just a bit there without curling up that would be ideal.
    The jumping photos are not great, but it's possible they're not indicative of her actual form. She looks like she's way too deep in all of them, which may be because of the distance of the grid and the ground rail being so far under the vertical.
    She has a cute enough general look to her, and seems to have a good trot at least in still photos. How tall is she?

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    Aug. 26, 2003
    The good 'ole State of denial


    Thanks so much for the feedback!! I'll work on pushing her out a bit more, I have a hard time with her either poking her nose or being btv, but again, this is just 3 weeks after a 2 year vacation - plus a lot is probably pilot error

    The jumping pictures were kind of a test. It was her first time in a jumping chute and she would stop in front of it and then take off straight up. So that is why you see her so far in, I just haven't had the time to set up another free jump session, and I figured the next round I'll be on her - so we can actually move to the fence.

    She is 16.3ish but very narrow. I'm 5'10" and all leg and riding super short because I just don't feel like she takes up my leg well. But then, I'm used to a tank of an Irish Sporthorse.

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