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    Sunny51324 Guest

    Default Wanted: Youth Saddle

    A friend is looking for an English saddle for her daughter. I've been trying to help her find one on eBay (she doesn't have internet), but shipping costs will eat up most of her budget. If anyone has an outgrown youth saddle that they no longer need, it would make mom & daughter very happy. She will of course be glad to pay shipping costs.

    Child is 11 and rides in a 13-inch Western saddle--we thought a 15-inch English one would give her some room to grow without being too-too big right now. Their horse takes a normal-width tree.

    Saddle can be dirty, scratched, worn, etc., as long as it is structurally sound and safe to ride in, and does not need to have fittings.

    Thanks for reading--I know a saddle is a big request, but since child-size ones do get outgrown, I thought it was worth asking.

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    kayceepaint05 Guest

    Default saddle wanted

    There are a couple really cheap ones, but in really good shape on seattle craigslist if they are still looking. 1 15 inch I think for about $45 Something to check out!!

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    Sunny51324 Guest


    Thanks for the suggestion! I hadn't considered Craigslist. I could use ideas of more places to look--any place that charges for listings (like here) is likely to be too expensive.

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    kayceepaint05 Guest

    Default a couple links for ya

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