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    That was kind of my point. The kid seems to be doing pretty well with him. I don't think it was a dirty stop, just a difficult ride correcting a mistake on the rider's part. Not a big deal, and we've all been there (thankfully!).
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    Angry Very disturbing

    Something I find disturbing (in addition to the basic lack of riding skills) is that almost no one in these photos is demonstrating anything close to a good, stable leg, yet just about all of them are wearing spurs. I wasn't EVER allowed to put on a spur until I had a strong, stable leg.
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    Default hawaii horse show

    Gosh , I guess someone from Hawaii and the Horse Show community needs to respond to the comments made about the Jumper show. So here goes...

    1. This was the first jumper show in 5 years, all of the riders except for 2 were under the age of 17, and had never shown jumpers before.
    2. Yup there were many problems, bad form , too fast , horses overfaced, over bitted etc. , but none of you thought to ask it these problems were being addressed, ya all just jumped right in and ripped into it. all of these things are known about and are being hopefully rectified before the next show, all involved knew it was a rough one , and are glaringly aware of their mistakes , they did not need to be crucified by you on the internet , I mean come on , some of you actually call out folders and pics, and your comments were rude, whats up with that , no one deserves that .
    3.The trainer in question was not asked to leave because of the show.

    In closing ,
    Some of you made fun of the riders outfits , this was supposed to be a fun show relaxed atmosphere to reintroduce jumpers,obviously they would not be dressed this way for a recognized show. As you all mentioned the horses are very well cared for and are in good shape, and I can assure there is no abuse taking place. Maybe all of you should have your pictures taken of your riding and you will realize that a photo is 1/10th of a second of that ride. Most of you seem very judgmental , to crucify these photos and the kids is just not right, its downright mean. These are nice famalies trying to learn and your comments are not helpful just hurtful. We appreciate your concerns, but not your snarky comments . There is only one more thing to say ...there is one thing that Hawaii has that makes Hawaii and its riders unique and that is ALOHA, and you will never know the true meaning of that unless you live here.

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