Thursday, May. 23, 2024

Hunter/Jumper Intern Tries…



After a two-year hiatus from showing, I finally pulled out my hunt coat, shined up the tall boots and headed to Lake St. Louis to show in the adult amateurs. I hadn’t shown since I was a junior, and my horse Happy Go Lucky (Lucky for short) was coming off of a seven-month vacation while I was gallivanting around interning for Phelps Media Group, working for James Parker and The Book LLC, and interning at the Chronicle.

Needless to say, I was a little nervous for our return to the show ring.

After last week’s blog about the fast and furious experience of breezing a race horse, things took a turn for the adorable and tiny this week. I visited Heather Briggs and Rachael Blanchard at Belle Grey Farm in Upperville, Va., and learned all about combined driving!

The next horse sport I tried in my series of new equine adventures has a special place in my heart as an off-the-track Thoroughbred owner. I got to go to Diana and Michael Cooney’s Carousel Stables in Berryville, Va., and breeze a race horse!


For my third blog in the series of a show hunter’s misadventures trying various other horsie sports, I suited up in a crash vest and headed out to four-star eventer Sharon White’s Last Frontier Farm in Summit Point, W.Va., to see what going cross-country was all about!

You may be thinking that this doesn’t seem all that different of an experience for a hunter/jumper rider. I mean, jumping is jumping right? WRONG. So wrong.

After my forays into the worlds of dressage and polo, I've been dipping my toe into all kinds of equestrian sport ponds, and this week I took a trip to Delaplane, Va., to give vaulting a try!

After stepping out of my show hunter-comfort bubble by covering a dressage competition for the Chronicle, I realized there were all kinds of different equine sports I had never seen or tried. I very much enjoyed watching the dressage horses show, so why not continue broadening my equine education, explore some new sports, and share what I learn with some fellow niche riders?

There were a few things I expected when I signed on to intern at The Chronicle of the Horse. I figured I would be covering and writing about a whole lot of shows, and since I had experience both competing in and covering hunter/jumper shows, I assumed those would be the shows I wrote about.



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