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I can hardly believe we are already back into May! Time flies and is always getting away from me. We just had our last of the six foals we were expecting this year and thankfully all are healthy, and hilarious to watch.

The World Cup Finals in Vegas were really fun to watch as well. The best part was getting the behind-the-scenes pictures from all my friends that went. However, for us there was the incredible fringe benefit that Rudolf Zeilinger was in the United States for the World Cup, and decided to make a pit stop in Kansas after Vegas.

The Dressage Foundation granted me the excellent opportunity to train and compete in Germany for two months through the Anne Ramsay scholarship for U.S.-bred horses. It was an incredible experience and one I have always dreamed of; to be able to ride and compete in Germany is a privilege.

Oh how I love paperwork…

I am trying to put together a trip for WakeUp, Willie and me to go to Germany in January and February to train with Elmar Schmiehusen. I think we are ready for this intense training and winter is a great time to do it because things slow down a bit at home. I also want to do a couple shows over there as well. 

It is not Thanksgiving yet, but I have just so much to be thankful for! It is never a wrong time to reflect on the positive things in life, right!?

Since the last blog I wrote, we went to the Region 4 Championships. My boys were awesome. Wakey won the Intermediaire B and Grand Prix, and Willie was second in the Grand Prix and won the Grand Prix Freestyle. I was stoked.


August was a pretty stellar month.  WakeUp, Weltdorf ("Willie") and I all did our first CDI Grand Prix in Estes Park, Colo. It’s a beautiful, well-run show with the nicest staff. I thought I might as well get my feet wet. It is a lot of travel, but last year, doing the CDI the week before the Developing Horse Nationals set us up very nicely and put WakeUp in the show mode. I also wanted to do a CDI this year and let’s face it; they are not in abundance in the Midwest.

Show season is in full swing! Everything seems beyond hectic, but I love to feel the progress the horses are making.

The big news of Wally Woo Farm is that WakeUp is now a full-fledged Grand Prix horse! I am so happy and continually appreciative that I get to sit on him and have this journey with him. He rocked the other weekend with two 70 percent [scores] in the Grand Prix and a 72 percent in the Developing Grand Prix. The best part is that WakeUp truly enjoys his work and always tries for me. I love him!

I think I can officially say spring is here…and that means show season is here! I typically really dislike showing, but this year I was just so fed up with winter that I was looking forward to anything that related to warmer weather.

I think spring is finally here! We are expecting the first foal any day, and we can ride outdoors again.


Yay! I’m pumped for this year! The horses feel great and ready to go. I have been watching the videos of our top riders and love how motivated and determined it makes me.

I was riding a training horse the other day and Mama offhandedly tells me that I am riding him better than a couple months ago. Of course, I didn’t take it at face value and said, “What is that supposed to mean?” She says simply, “You are sitting quieter; it looks nicer.”

Hello March and hello spring? …Or hello record low temperatures? It’s a high of 6 degrees in Kansas today. We’re so ready for spring!

Lilo Fore came this weekend, and I was so happy to have her kick our butts out of the winter doldrums. She really does get the most out of me and my horses.



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