Tuesday, May. 28, 2024


Blogger Emily Wagner Miles

I guess there will always be ups and downs in dressage and in life. So we need to celebrate the good times as much as

I can hardly believe we are already back into May! Time flies and is always getting away from me. We just had our last of


The Dressage Foundation granted me the excellent opportunity to train and compete in Germany for two months through the Anne Ramsay scholarship for

Oh how I love paperwork…

I am trying to put together a trip for WakeUp, Willie and me to go to Germany in January and

It is not Thanksgiving yet, but I have just so much to be thankful for! It is never a wrong time to reflect on the

August was a pretty stellar month.  WakeUp, Weltdorf ("Willie") and I all did our first CDI Grand Prix in Estes Park, Colo. It’s a beautiful,

Show season is in full swing! Everything seems beyond hectic, but I love to feel the progress the horses are making.

The big news of

I think I can officially say spring is here…and that means show season is here! I typically really dislike showing, but this year I was

I think spring is finally here! We are expecting the first foal any day, and we can ride outdoors again.


Yay! I’m pumped for this year!

Hello March and hello spring? …Or hello record low temperatures? It’s a high of 6 degrees in Kansas today. We’re so ready for spring!


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