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Parting Ways



It took jockey David Bourke a long time to recover from the broken pelvis he sustained in this rotational fall during the 1994 International Gold Cup steeplechase in The Plains, Va., but his mount, Political Angel, was unhurt.

Today Bourke works as a trainer, and photographer Douglas Lees of Warrenton, Va., continues to capture spectacular images like this one—albeit in color—as he’s done for decades.

This image, from the Dec. 24, 1965 issue of The Chronicle of the Horse, shows rider Jennifer Smith coming a cropper from Mrs. R. Neild’s Cinnamon Lad in the preliminary division of that year's national horse trials at Hideaway Farm in Geneseo, N.Y.

Stirlin Harris, who snapped this photo, still runs Hideaway Farm with his wife, Beth. Together they breed Connemara ponies (and stood the renowned eventing stallion Hideaway’s Erin Go Bragh) and are longtime members of the Genesee Valley Hunt.

This series was submitted by photographer J. Bruce Baumann of Evansville, Ind., to the National Press Photographers Association Annual Award competition in 1965. He earned second place out of roughly 9,000 entries in the sports picture series category.

This image, which first appeared in the Sept. 24, 1965 issue of The Chronicle of the Horse, shows the legendary Eve Fout in a rare position: making a “neat” landing at the Warrenton (Va.) Horse Show.

When Fout passed away in 2007, she was hailed for being an avid, lifelong horsewoman, a well-known equine artist and an accomplished conservationist.


“Horsemen know that rarely is a fall like this as serious as it looks, but the spectre of it haunts combined training,” read the caption for this photo when it first ran in the Oct. 18, 1991, issue of The Chronicle of the Horse. “Rider Emily MacGowan and Palmer were able to complete the course at Fair Hill (Md.) after this crash.”

Devil’s Brolly was determined to continue the 1972 Pennsylvania Hunt Cup even though his jockey, Reese Howard Jr., fell earlier on course. The gelding was hot on the heels of second-placed finisher Harvest Sky with rider H. Turney McKnight Jr.


"There was an unusual cartoon occurrence in the power and speed [class] when Hendrik Snoek’s Asterix was bellied on this spread fence,” read the original caption for this photo when it ran in the April 29, 1977, issue of The Chronicle of the Horse.

Aga Khan sent veteran rider Norman Dello Joio tumbling in the May 11, 1986, Children’s Services Horse Show Grand Prix in Farmington, Conn., but he wasn’t the only one. Of the 50 starters, five riders found themselves eliminated for losing their seats.

These images from the 80th running of the Velká Pardubická, the Czech Republic’s Grand National steeplechase, appeared in the Dec. 4, 1970 issue of The Chronicle Of The Horse.

The dreaded Taxis, a five-foot hedge with a massive ditch lurking behind, has been the most feared and revered fence in the race for more than a century, and in this edition of the ’chase, it felled 12 horses—many of them in a chain reaction, as shown. Photographer Lubomir Laifert noted that 10 of those fallen jockeys gamely remounted and continued on toward the remaining 27 jumps.



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