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Karen Briggs

Toronto, Ontario—Nov. 15  

On the final day and evening of the International Jumper division at Toronto’s Royal Agricultural Winter Fair, the old guard made way

The Australian eventer is steering his star-studded career in a new direction by taking on the technical advisor role for the Canadian eventing team, which


The little town of Lyme, Conn., has a storied history, dating back to the 1640s. But since 1975, its rather dubious claim to fame has

A mare comes in from the field one afternoon with an eye that is red, irritated and tearing. Her owners chalk it up to flies

These benign but bothersome tumors are as individual as the array of potential treatments

They’re the most common type of skin tumor in horses, and they’re

Two Canadian Olympians were among the five finalists who performed their dressage freestyles for an appreciative crowd at the FEI World Cup qualifier at the

It was good to be Canadian at the Royal Agricultural Winter Fair, in Toronto, Ont.,

She scores in an early World Cup qualifier for 2009.

Corinne Ashton captured the CIC***-W at Wits End, in Mansfield, Ont., Sept. 25-28, with

Horses with heel pain benefit from new treatment approaches and specialized shoeing.

For as far back as anyone can recall, a diagnosis of navicular

A grassroots petition to make pergolide mesylate available for the treatment of horses with Cushing’s disease proves the squeaky wheel gets the grease.