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Genie Stewart-Spears

Valerie Kanavy employs an unusual strategy to win the 100-mile title on a true speed demon.

Valerie Kanavy didn’t start the American Endurance Ride

Not even frigid weather can keep Green and her young horse from leading the pack in the 100-mile ride.

When Lisa Green moved to


An all-day rain on the mountainous Biltmore Estate caused the trails to become treacherous for the
The brilliant fall foliage provided a colorful backdrop for the AERC National Championships, hosted by the Old Dominion Endurance Rides, Inc., in Fort Valley, Va.
A year and half ago, Sue Greenall was within a hair's breadth of dying on the trail from a tragic accident. But on June 9-10,
Even though she was always in the running, Jodi Rogers-Buttram was "pleasantly surprised," when she was first to finish the Biltmore Challenge Endurance Ride, May

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