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Elizabeth Shoudy

A big heart and husky build combined with long legs and an ample step are just a few of the qualities Ashley Ann McGehee finds

Diane Dodge of Nokomis Farm has been breeding horses for more than 30 years, but things have certainly changed since she first started her program.<br


He and Beezie Madden are gearing up to win big money before heading to Europe.

The jump-off for the $200,000 CN Worldwide CSI-W turned

Treatments such as lasers and magnetics are helping keep horses at their best.

In many facets of life, whether be it cars or cuisine, diets or

This saddler has had some unique experiences.

Being Master Saddler to the Queen of England is not a title that many saddlers can put

If you are planning on breeding your mare through artificial insemination, here are some questions to keep in mind when speaking with a breeder:

While both are tried and true breeding methods, is one more effective than the other? And which one is ideal for your mare?


For three young girls, the USEF Pony Finals offer a lot more than just stiff competition.
After being granted his U.S. citizenship and buying his own home, Benjamin Sanchez believed he knew the meaning of the elusive and idealistic “American Dream.”<br

In order to best care for a confined horse, you need to know how a change in his exercise pattern can affect him.


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