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Blogger Reed Kessler

What an amazing day!!! We started early again—I rode in the ring at 7:15. Cylana felt super, just as good as day 1! Goose is

Sorry I'm a bit late with my blog—I was so tired when I got home last night I went straight to bed! It was a


Friday was another good day in Gothenburg! We got a chance to sleep in a bit after several early mornings. I had breakfast with my

Today was a very very long day! We rode early in the morning in the main ring at 7:30—this was the only time we could

We started early this morning to ride the horses in the ring at 7:30. After flatting both horses, I headed straight to the gym around

Hi everybody, it is a pleasure to be the guest blogger for the Chronicle this week here in Gothenburg, Sweden, for the Rolex FEI World

I definitely felt that I had something to prove at the first two observation events during the Kentucky Spring Horse Show.

My performance

In this series, the Chronicle follows seven riders as they seek to fulfill their Olympic dreams in London in 2012.

I think no matter what you

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