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Things Are Getting Going At The World Cup Final

Today we finally started to get down to work instead of being tourists!



Today we finally started to get down to work instead of being tourists!

We had a practice jog for all the American horses at 9 a.m. then we got to ride in the main arena from 10 to 12. The official jog was at 1:00. Both my horses jogged great and all the U.S. riders’ horses went through smoothly. [U.S. chef d’equipe Robert Ridland] gathered us together for a meeting in the barn at 5:30 and gave a short speech encouraging us this week and we all left inspired and ready to get going!

There was a schooling class at 6:30 in the evening—I didn’t jump anything with either of my horses, I just flatted them both. After we all finished a group of us went to a tapas restaurant for dinner. The group was Ashlee Bond, her fiance Sage Clarke, Charlie Jayne, Saer Coulter, Lucy Davis, and myself.


Saer won the Maxine Beard award (big congrats!) and so she is here for the week to cheer on the whole team and especially her boyfriend Charlie! Dinner was really good besides the two weirdos at the table next door—they were apparently mesmerized by Lucy’s light green eyes…..

After a good dinner we all headed back to rest up because tomorrow we finally start showing! I’m riding again in the main ring early in the morning and then Goose has a 1.45-meter power and speed class at 1:30!

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