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Blogger Susanna Thomas

The Minnesota titans did return for Sips n’ Saddles on September 19. They had wanted to come back four days before the event

No. Jeff was not going back to Minnesota with Noah in his trailer. At least not this time. He had proved to me


As soon as Jeff and his clan headed out the driveway, I picked up my cell phone and sent the photos I had

In my last blog post, No Where To Hide And Jeff, I told of the former professional football player who came and fell

There is no better advertising than word of mouth. No better compliment than having a satisfied adopter come back for an additional horse or having a

I am a “heady” person. I was blessed to have a magnificent liberal arts education. There’s a wannabe professor in me. A book worm too.

From the very first, I knew Noah would be a project. Given that off-the-track racehorses are a dime a dozen these days, my decision to take him

The newest addition to the Chronicle's stable of bloggers is Susanna Thomas, director at Maker's Mark Secretariat Center, which re-schools off-the-track Thoroughbreds for second careers