Tuesday, Nov. 28, 2023

What You Need To Know: 2023 ASPCA Maclay Finals



The 2023 ASPCA Maclay Fiunals kicks off this morning, with the first competitor stepping foot in the ring at 7 a.m. It is estimated that the final round will start at 6:15 p.m. 

Rachel Kennedy, Wendy Peralta, Tamara Provost and Danny Robertshaw are judging the class of 228 competitors. Bobby Murphy and Kevin Holowack designed the course. The Chronicle will be blogging ringside all day. You can follow along here. There’s a lot of information to parse through, so scroll down for the course map, course description, order of go and more. Standby lists will be added here after every 50 riders.

The course. Kimberly Loushin Photo

There is a dotted line halfway down the ring that riders may not cross before the first jump or after the final fence. Riders will start over a wingless brush vertical with a red, white and blue rail on top up the quarterline off the right lead. They’ll then bend right to an oxer with rainbow poles in the middle of the ring, before taking a slight left bend to a white vertical blue accents on the quarterline. Riders continue on the left lead through the far end of the ring to jump an oxer double before cantering down to a pair of verticals on the long side. They’ll make a 90 degree turn to Fence 6, a stone arch set on the short side. They’ll continue on the left lead across the diagonal over the Gucci boxes that debuted last year—this time with trees serving as wings—straight to the ASPCA vertical. Riders then bend right to a Swedish oxer with gold rails set deep into the corner on the quarterline. A triple bar on the opposite long side meets them after the corner, cantering straight to a V shaped jump. A right bending line will take them to the final fence, a silver oxer with the Maclay letters underneath it.


The course.

Full Results.

The Chronicle will be on site, bringing you gorgeous photos, interviews and more, so check back during the week. Make sure to follow along at www.coth.com and on Facebook and Instagram @Chronofhorse. For full analysis and coverage from the horse show be sure to check out the Nov. 27 issue of the magazine.



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